Author Topic: Help me in this mod please  (Read 2146 times)

Help me in this mod please
« on: 2019-08-19 12:49:52 »
Hello, I was wondering if I could convert fields from the New Threat PC mod to ps1 / psx. If not, I'd love a tutorial to relive aerith right after her death, other than the black chocobo show, because I already know how to relive her without the show but in certain scenes she doesn't show up, which gets boring and I wanted to play at the end of the 3 party 3 player game.

Taking advantage of the post, I created a post here last month but no one answered me, I've been editing the Lost Wing mod, fixing bugs and etc, but I was wondering if people who play this mod know of other possible bugs and ideas of materials and Things I could edit in the game.

I know that he created the mod Revisted but I can not download because it dropped the download.


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Re: Help me in this mod please
« Reply #1 on: 2019-09-17 07:46:59 »
Hi, Darkslayerpowerfull, i try to asked LostWingx for a FF7 Revisited patch on LostWingx youtube channel, but unfortunately I didn't get it. Here is what he replied to me.


Thanks for your interest. Regretfully, the psx version of LostWing was full of bugs but might have been somewhat functional for some. When qhimm users ported it to the PC version a ton of new bugs manifested, essentially breaking the mod. Revisited on the other hand, never really made it out of the testing phase and was far from complete. If you search through qhimm forums hard enough you may be able to find working links. If not, you might be able to ask someone there but I imagine your chances are not good. I do have a new PC mod in the works, but I don't expect to finish it for at least another year or so. In short...I'm sorry I can't help you at this time. If I do end up going through old hard drives, I will provide links at that time. However, between work, family, and other responsibilities it will likely be months, if not years before I do any of this.


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Re: Help me in this mod please
« Reply #2 on: 2020-10-09 23:30:06 »
Early on spells are okay, but are you really going to waste your time with Flare, Ultima, Comet, etc when you can use attack for 9999 damage? Late game spells get vastly overpowered by basic attacks beause of how the formulae work. And even with magic being okay early game, the game was still very easy to finish with Restore being your only Green Materia. With the mod, using spells (and taking advantage of elemental weaknesses) massively increases the damage you can do.
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