Author Topic: Some questions i couldn't find by my own -Battle interface, Field Resolution etc  (Read 656 times)


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Hi there everyone, first of all i'm not a native english speaker, so take easy on me.

So i started looking for mods to play FF7 in a better quality, and i got somethings with the heaven mods etc, but since i dont have a lot of time at home i was trying to play with Steam Link and i cant run the heaven app with it(it was hard to start the game and when started had no audio). So i sarted to dig in to mod directly at the steam game, got the Character Overhaul Seven (ChaOS) by Kaldarasha, AVALANCHE ARISEN battle textures and the Reunion mod already.

My first question is:
Any chances of have the mods for the battle interface to look more modern (like ffx and the others) for the fields (and world) with high resolution, and dialoge box/Menu UI be more polish (still looks a little ruogh).

second question:
if dont have any mods for this things, have a way to paste heaven mods to steam?

tird question:
have any tutorial to start moding by my self? (to do this mods by my own, and to have fun doing original mods)

i realy try my best to dont need to do a post and find, but i couldnt got anywhere. Thanks to anyone who will try to help me.