Author Topic: [FFVII PSX] Cloud Final Battle 3D model  (Read 516 times)


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[FFVII PSX] Cloud Final Battle 3D model
« on: 2019-06-20 19:02:44 »
hy there..

is possible to put or replace cloud 3D model final battle (HICloud.lzs) to cloud default ( cloud.lzs ) ?

so i make experiment,
first, i try to expoert and rename hicloud.lzs to cloud.lzs and imported to the game using cdmage.
it said "import file is longer than file in the image, import file will be traunced"

when in the game it looks fine, but when to battle mode the gamecrash.

i know this can be done on PC but i wanna know is this possible on PSX.

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