Author Topic: [FFIX PC/Steam] UV Maps - Characters eye blink animation are gone  (Read 227 times)


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Hi Forum, maybe you can help adressing a problem/bug with FFIX.

As soon as a textures for characters that have an eye blink animation (which is a second texture sheet with only the closed eyes) gets upsized in width and height, the animation doesn't play at all.
So all blinking is gone (which isn't that bad) as well as closed eyes (Garnet sleeps in the train or if a team member is wounded in battle).

This is only happening if the standard size isn't matching the original format. As long as it's preserved, the animation plays normally.
Also the same thing happenes to all Enemy Modell that are vissible in the Fields like the bandersnatches that chase you. In Battle they look normally, but in Field...oh lord they're messed up.

I can't figure out what's going on as in FFX I never had problems with different UV Maps with animations.