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« on: 2019-07-26 16:44:42 »
Hello everyone, everything good? I'm new here on the forum and need help related to psx game version.
I downloaded the Lost Wing version here from the forum but I saw that the owner of the mod gave up fixing bugs, and saw that he made another mod called '' Revisited 'but this is broken link download, if possible I wanted a link to download this version.
Returning to the subject of the Lost Wing mod, I edited it to remove a small number of bugs and errors I saw while playing the game on cd1.
So I wish if anyone still plays the game and knows bugs, let me know I want to fix it.
Some of the bugs I saw and fixed, plus errors:

1 * water3 or water2 magic (I do not remember) did not hit the monster, but only me, I fixed.
2 * The gravity magic returned.
3 * I reinstated the original summons / odin with bug attack = fixed
4 * Thunder magic did not work like a real lightning bolt but with curing effect, I arranged it by putting a lightning effect on it (on the menu it still heals the characters, I'm trying to fix it). I NEED HELP TO CORRECT THAT.
5 * Materia deathblow + mime, # @ $% yeah did not work, i took them because it does not make sense.
6 * I returned the EXP Plus, Gil Plus, Enemy Away, and Enemy Lure materials back.(But I think the effects are bugged, because I don't get the additional exp or gil).
7 * Red flash healed the enemies, now does what it should do, attack enemies.
8 * Materials Red Stone and more independent with description strange and does not make sense, I edited them correct texts and wrong status, and put them in another ID.
10 * Masamune is now Cloud-like, as a bonus, stealable on Ruby Weapon.
11 * Other errors in texts, status and useless materials.
12 * Now have all Supreme Attacks from all Elements: Flare, Tornado, Break, Freeze (Fire, Wind, Earth, Ice)
Red Flash, Apocalypse, Thunder, Divine Flash, Abyss and Ultima (Gravity, Poison, Lightning, Holy, Laser and Psych)

I am editing for my own taste without taking away the difficulty that the original owner put, so I don't know if you can download it. Then anything let me know that I delete the post.
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