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Step 10 problem

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Hi, I searched around the forum and google but because of my search words its not directing me to the problem i have. Step 10 asks me to open 7th heaven again and go to library and search remako, but theres no results. As I recall I dont remember seeing any files named 'remako'. any help would be greatly appreciated

Step 10 of what? Link please.

And please note that we didn't come up with Remako... CaptRobau kind of just threw some beta shots up here, said "check this out!" and left.  Whatever guide you're following wasn't written by us.

I went by this one and I somehow ended up on this forum in its troubleshooting link. I got everything working now. But I'm not sure if I can take away the remako files and replace them with the ones in the guide you guys have on here.

Go to the Library tab and use the Import button to install the Remako IRO files from that blog.


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