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FF7 - opening STATUS menu - CRASH

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Hello, i'm new in this forum. I just installed FF7 and i have applied some specific patches.
According to what i have red, I deducted i was only able to use some patches : I wanted to play the game in italian
So :
1- Fresh maximum install of FF7 (1988 - PC - 3 CDs) - ORIGINAL version
2- Used the "Final Fantasy VII ITA Reloaded" patch (I can't install the Game converter or the 7th heaven or the bootleg or any other one cause the translation in italian would be lost)
3- Downloaded the "[FF7PC]FF7 SYW V3 upscale: Battle, world map, fields and videos (Final release)" and applied the changes in the correct way in the FF7_opengl.cfg file (infact everything works perfectly and in a fantastic new graphic!! and in italian!)
4- Started to enjoy the game in a very good graphic for those mods i have been able to use to play the game in Italian, BUT :
when i opened the STATUS menu in the MAIN menu, thats the result :
A Windows window came on top my game an it's written (and this every single time) :
  Oops! Something very bad happened
  Wrote crash.dmp to FF7 Install dir.
  Please provide a copy of it along with APP.LOG when reporting this error"
 "INFO: FF7/FF8 OpenGL driver version 0.7.11b
INFO: Auto-detected version: FF7 1.02 Spanish
INFO: Intel Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 4.6.0 - Build
INFO: OpenGL 2.0 support detected
INFO: Found swap_control extension
INFO: Max texture size: 16384x16384
INFO: Number of texture units: 8
INFO: Original resolution 640x480, window size 1280x800, output resolution 1066x800, internal resolution 1280x960
INFO: FBO extension detected, using fast scaling/postprocessing path
INFO: Shader limits: varying 64, vert uniform 4096, frag uniform 4096
INFO: FFMpeg movie player plugin loaded
INFO: FFMpeg version SVN-r25886, Copyright (c) 2000-2010 Fabrice Bellard, et al.
INFO: FF7Music helper plugin loaded
initializing sound...
creating dsound primary buffer
reading audio file
loading static sounds
sound initialized
set music volume: 127
set music volume: 127
Entering MAIN
Exiting MAIN
INFO: .\Movies\eidoslogo.avi; mpeg4/null 320x240, 25.000000 FPS, duration: 0.080000, frames: 2
INFO: .\Movies\sqlogo.avi; mpeg4/null 320x240, 25.000000 FPS, duration: 0.080000, frames: 2
set music volume: 127
set music volume trans: 127->0, step=60
Entering MAIN
set music volume: 127
Exiting MAIN
Entering MAIN
Exiting MAIN
Field Start
GLITCH: missed palette write to external texture field/smkin_1/smkin_1_15
Entering MAIN
Exiting MAIN
ERROR: unhandled exception

And the Crush file is 60+ Mb of computer language like " È•ÿ½Ä+:>Lá9> " etc etc that i don't know how to open properly or send here.

Could anyone help me to risolve this "entering the STATUS menu issue" please?

Thanks a lot :-)

Ps. Using DELL laptop with latest win 10, but as said, i'm playing the game, i can get everywhere else in the other menu no problems...

Our ability to help is going to be somewhat limited since you're not using the 1.02 english ff7.exe.  However, this line did stand out to me:

--- Quote ---INFO: Original resolution 640x480, window size 1280x800, output resolution 1066x800, internal resolution 1280x960
--- End quote ---
Those are some pretty funky numbers... it's generally best to leave the internal resolution at default (3840x2160), and your output window is larger than your output resolution (1280x window compared to 1066x resolution).  If you could describe what you're trying to do, and a copy of your ff7_opengl.cfg, we might be able to at least eliminate that as the cause of your troubles.

Hello will reply this pm, cause I'm on a course today ILS... Thanks for your reply anyway :-) the resolution is the only one I can use cause I have tried : bigger one will go above the screen itself and smaller one will downscale + low details...

First run toughscript (see the tools section) to dump all text files. (Maybe it's good to make a backup of them).

Then run the GC to use the Spanish game with the English exe. It's was the first purpose of the GC to transform all non-English versions of the game to use the English file system.

And at last run toughscript again to encode the dumped text back to the game.

Dear Kaldarasha,

I'm not very expert in the use of the toughscript, so i'll try my best.
Then, If for GC you mean Game Converter, i have to say i can only use it on an unmodified already game (but as said it was in english and i have modded it with the FF7 ITA Reloaded mod)

So i have used TScript and it created a TEXT directory with all the .txt file in it, what i have to do next?? do i need to search for a specific file??

Meanwhile my FF_Opengl file says :
# ff7_opengl-0.7.11b config file

# mod directory
# subdirectroy of mods/ where textures will be loaded from
# does not affect the old external textures feature, those should still go in textures/
mod_path = SYW

# plugins
# a movie plugin is required, the music plugin is optional, but required to make FF7Music work
movie_plugin = plugins/ffmpeg_movies.fgp
music_plugin = plugins/ff7music.fgp

# vertex and fragment shaders
vert_source = shaders/main.vert
frag_source = shaders/main.frag

# YUV fast path shader
yuv_source = shaders/yuv.frag

# post-processing shader, used to apply fullscreen effects
post_source = shaders/
enable_postprocessing = no

# display frames per second counter in upper right corner
show_fps = no

# display some real-time debug information
show_stats = no

# prevent glitches due to rounding errors by rendering in the nearest (larger, if supported)
# multiple of the original resolution and up/down-scaling
prevent_rounding_errors = yes

# check your driver settings if this option doesn't seem to work
enable_vsync = yes

# limit snowboard, coaster and highway minigames to refresh rate / 2, i.e. 30fps for a 60hz display mode
# vsync must be enabled and working for this to have any effect
minigame_framelimiter = on

# same thing, but for the battle swirl
battleswirl_framelimiter = on

# replace FF7's default framelimiter timer source
use_new_timer = yes

# use a more stable (but less accurate) timer to control FF7's framelimiter
# this option has no effect unless the use_new_timer option is on
use_stable_timer = no

# allow FF7 to use linear filtering for its textures
# some things look slightly better with this option on, but alot of textures just lose their detail
linear_filter = yes

# make all dialog boxes transparent, same effect as the transparent dialog boxes YAMP patch
transparent_dialogs = yes

# allow max hp/mp to go over 9999, same effect as the YAMP patch by dziugo

# include armor in magic defense calculation

# expand battle viewport to cover entire screen and make the battle menu transparent
new_battle_interface = on

# enable alpha blending for textures without an existing blending effect
fancy_transparency = on

# store external textures in a compressed cache for increased performance
# compression is not lossless, some artifacts may appear when this option is in use
# texture cache does NOT update automatically if the source image changes, however, deleting anything from the cache
# will cause that file to be recreated from the source
compress_textures = yes

# read files directly instead of using LGP archives
# for example; if FF7 is looking for aaab.rsd in char.lgp, this option will make it open direct/char/aaab.rsd first,
# if this file doesn't exist it will look for the original in the LGP archive
# this option should be used for testing only, performance will take a hit
direct_mode = off

# show every failed attempt at loading a .png texture
# this option is for modders only, it's useful to find out which texture to replace and which palettes it needs
show_missing_textures = no
# set the window size (and fullscreen resolution) of FF7
# 0 means use original resolution (whatever ff7.exe provides)
# preserve_aspect adds black borders as needed to preserve a 4:3 aspect ratio
# use shaders, if available and supported
# turn shaders off to use the OpenGL 1.1 backend
#load_library = speedhack.dll
use_shaders = yes
break_9999limit = yes
mdef_fix = yes
fullscreen = yes
window_size_x = 1280
window_size_y = 800
preserve_aspect = yes


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