Author Topic: Wanted to do an anthology playthrough -wondering on the best versions of each FF  (Read 1107 times)


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Basically the title. I'm wanting to play through each numbered FF up to (and including) X. Which versions are the best? I'm open to emulation, steam, android etc. for each. Also any specific tips on any of the games, things to avoid/be aware of when I reach certain titles, would be welcome.

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First, I believe you should read the Final Fantasy subReddit's Version differences faq.

There are a few games I would recommend modded:

Final Fantasy VI - use the "relocalization" mod. It improves the localisation, but in addition improves gameplay with a plethora of bug fixes.

Final Fantasy VII - I suggest using the Reunion mod. This is another game that wasn't localised well by Square. The mod is in this forum (currently awaiting release of R06), but you can also apply it to the PlayStation version.

Final Fantasy IX - resist the temptation of the HD graphics bravely and play it on PlayStation. It plays better with a better interface for controller use, and more intelligent menu behaviour.

The best PlayStation emulator is Bettle PSX HW in Retroarch.