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Mod Location Help!!!
« on: 2019-10-31 12:55:31 »
Hello Everyone, I haven't played FF7 in 15 years and brand new to ff7 modding and just purchased on steam.
  I was wondering if there was a section or a way to find specific mods. I've been orienting around the site for about 2 hours now and was wondering if I do indeed need to open every post in "gameplay modding" to see what its about because they seem to have odd post names.

I've read I need to tweak FF7 to enable modding, Currently following "Tifa's Final Heaven"
Is there a way to find specific mods like Character models etc?

 I have seen one for Zack and a female Cloud on google images but Certainly don't want to miss any as I of course want to start the game with all the mods wanted.

Thanks alot for your consideration! I can't wait to be an active member of the Quimm Crew <3


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Re: Mod Location Help!!!
« Reply #1 on: 2019-11-01 01:59:22 »
The mods are located in the Release section for each category. If you're finding stuff from a Google search, then there's a good chance it won't be released here since we don't allow ripped content.