Author Topic: Cloud/Tifa/Aerith Wallmarket Outfits  (Read 1119 times)


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Cloud/Tifa/Aerith Wallmarket Outfits
« on: 2019-12-28 01:35:12 »
Good day, all!

I've recently begun adventures in modding, and I'm happy that everything is working so far. However, I was searching for a model replacement mod that I thought would be readily available, and Google has failed me numerous times, despite my most creative search terms: I can't find a mod that allows characters to appear as their Wall Market models. I thought it would be funny to have Cloud running around in a dress for the rest of the game, and I actually do like Tifa and Aerith's alternate outfits.

I have Googled for a little while now and turned up nothing, nor did I find anything on these forums. I hate to admit defeat and ask for help, but, well... here we are.

I'm using the Kaldarasha models currently, and I'd be happy to use those. Is there a mod that exists to make these changes already? If not, I suppose I can start my first attempt at my own mods.

Thanks very much!
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