Author Topic: [FF8:R] Demaster unofficial patch- HD fields, monsters, fixes + launcher 1.2.8a  (Read 13101 times)

Yagami Light

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Do not update using the launcher it will give errors, use this link to download, copy and paste the files over. If you are using mods, use them one at a time to see which one is giving errors.

This tool will not work if you are using pirated copies of the game, buy it officially on steam for the mods to work.
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Hi everyone !!

I just saw this and i want to try the FF8 remastered with Ragnarok mod, which sent me to this page

Can this tool work as Roses and Wine, some like altering some things like no consume magic when you cast them ? or maybe have 1 magic the stat effect of 100 ?

Or is this tool different in another way ?



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Hi guys, i was finally able to get it to work by getting the latest version of the game, but now i am encountering a new problem where in certain areas of the game as i advance, it crashes on me with this error regarding an image being out of bounds. I have attached a link to the problem. what can i do in such situations? Thanks


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Hey everyone, wanted to point out an issue with Demaster 1.2.8a and Horizonpack 1.1a. When I leave Deling City the textures for the world map, namely, cliffsides, cities and certain sections of the ground are black boxes. It can be fixed by simply going into another area (tomb of the unknown king) and then returning to the world map but I can replicate it every time I enter Deling and then leave.