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[FF7 PC] 7th Heaven 2.0 Mod Manager
« on: 2020-02-15 06:52:55 »
7th Heaven 2.0


It's been 7 years since version 1.0. Now, the 7th Heaven Mod Manager is being taken to the next level with version 2.0!
This version makes using mods for Final Fantasy 7 ridiculously simple.

Why should you use this over the original? That's a good question!
To use this version, just open it, choose your ideal mods and click play, that's it!
No more messing around with converting your game, mounting a fake FF7 ISO, it's all built in!
It also comes with a brand new Aali driver and many new features.

It also comes with more, new and updated mods than the original version has with E2QAlyza's Catalog 3.0 AND Strife98's Mods Of The Round Catalog built in too!

A complete tutorial video will be available upon release, currently scheduled for March 3rd 2020. Square-Enix didn't want to give you anything on 3/3/2020, so we will instead!

For the time being we have created a small trailer to try and show off the new look and feel of this version, and just to let you know that it exists.


You can watch that trailer: HERE

Spoiler: show

Home Page

Mod List

Customizable Themes

Config Options

Launcher Settings


Below you will find a list of bug fixes and features you can expect:
  • New Customizable UI - Themes, sorting, and rearrange columns
  • Built on WPF
  • Improved profile management/details
  • Super easy install
  • 1-click to enjoying your game
  • Single download with everything built in
  • Game Launcher - Makes sure FF7 is always ready to play
  • Built-in replacement for FF7Config
  • Keyboard and gamepad control options
  • Auto mounting game disc
  • No more game converter
  • Auto-Sort mod load order
  • Drag and drop mod load order
  • Treeview style available in mod config window
  • Mod Categories for easier search and auto-sorting
  • Shell Integration - Open and work with mods directly in Windows
  • Powerful new search w/ filters, tags, catalog, and category support
  • Auto-Switch your audio output device
  • Import movies from disc
  • User mod creation tools
  • Additional mod.xml tags for modders
  • HTML Readme support
  • Alyza's Qhimm Catalog 3.0!
  • Mods Of The Round Catalog
  • Integrated help
  • Better logging, clearer dialogs, less nagging
  • Several compatibility fixes
  • Bug fix: Unknown error in injected assembler code. (Code: 5) at EasyHook.RemoteHooking.CreateAndInject
  • Bug fix: Refresh catalog actually works
  • Bug fix: Activate All mods no longer crashes
  • Bug fix: Glitchy scrolling in UI
  • Bug fix: 'Extra Folders' (now renamed) no longer duplicates 'direct' and 'music'
  • Bug fix: Multiple random crash/error/bug fixes throughout for better stability

This project has involved the help of a few community members so thank you all:

Created By

unab0mb, Rodriada
TrueOdin, TurBoss

Assisted By

LordUrQuan, Chrysalis
Martin Barker, Strife98

Special Thanks

Aali, Iros
Ficedula, EQ2Alyza


Creation - Tsunamix
Voice - James Garris

Timed Event

This Sunday (16th February 2020) Tsunamix and Strife98 will be doing a livestream over on Twitch to present this new version before official release to show off its features, and provide a Q&A for everyone.

The streams will begin at 7PM EST / 12AM (Midnight) GMT

Anybody that arrives to either of these streams will be given access to a Beta version as a thank you for supporting us. We will also greatly benefit from and appreciate any feedback you guys have for us when using it before the final version is ready.

You can find their streams below:
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Re: [FF7 PC] 7th Heaven 2.0 Mod Manager
« Reply #1 on: 2020-02-15 08:44:04 »
O_O The UI looks very good and the new features are interesting. Nice work *waiting for the release*  :-D


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Re: [FF7 PC] 7th Heaven 2.0 Mod Manager
« Reply #2 on: 2020-02-15 16:57:54 »
Seems great ^^