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It all started when I bought FF8R and wanted to use FMV mods for 2013 Steam release. It turned out that they were not compatible with the remaster. I had to recompress the videos using VP8 codec which butchered the quality. The easy way didn't work out, so I decided to do some heavy upscaling by myself and achieve the Maximum FMV quality:)

Today, I wanted to share with you some of my results. It’s my first ever FMV upscaling project, so please be nice to me ;)

To preserve compatibility the FMV resolution is 1280x896.

Unfortunately, because of severe lack of time on my part (my upscaling methodology is rather complex and it's kind of trial and error using different ESGRAN models/various software to see what looks best for given scene, and that takes ridiculous amount of time and PC resources), for now these three FMVs are more like a of a proof of concept than a true attempt at a full mod. But hopefully one day I’ll manage to upscale them all :)

Here are some comparison shots (original source BIK 2x nearest neighbor vs Remastered edition vs Maximum FMV):

It’s not perfect but I think it’s a moderate improvement, all things considered. Sadly, there are some artifacts here and there, some "wobbly" frames and weird looking faces. Unfortunately, AFAIK nothing can be done about that without editing every frame by hand but that would be crazy (and I am not a crazy person... I think).

Unfortunately FF8R uses *beep* VP8 codec. For now, in order to preserve the quality, I used some overkill bitrate and the files are rather huge. Eg. remastered FMV was around 26mb, my upscaled FMV is around 340mb at the same resolution. This is just a test but the videos should work in the game if you use this:

Here are the links:

this looks good

wow I think "looks good" doesnt even do it justice.

Considering All variables (base quality, limitations etc etc..) Imo this is absolutely fantastic.

Hope you end up doing all of them in this quality. Please do!

This is awesome! Wow, such quality

Yagami Light:
I'm pretty sure those are the highest quality FMV's I have seen for ff8 and you didn't turn the sound into a distorted mess either, amazing job keep it up.


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