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Re: Before Crisis Remake
« Reply #75 on: 2021-01-26 18:14:07 »
Got a tutorial up for "extracting" backgrounds out of the nicovideo videos.   I'll try to make a few more tutorials on how I do things in case more people want to jump on board


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Re: Before Crisis Remake
« Reply #76 on: 2021-01-27 23:38:07 »
Hey folks, just a heads-up... got the full japanese transcription.

We are looking into people able to cross-check the text and revitalize the dialogues/fix grammar. Jump in discord if interested.


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Re: Before Crisis Remake
« Reply #77 on: 2021-02-04 14:23:32 »
I was playing the last repo, a few comments: the blinking it's amazing. The font is beautiful.

-The ? ? ? ? should be ? ? ? three only all the time.
-As of now I know it's the less painful solution but the Character name in that position isn't great, I prefer the last remake approach with the line under the portrait.
-Colour of the Character name should be same as of dialogue
-It's missing the "prologue" dialogue, Obe see the japanese script I send you
-It's missing the screen "Chapter 1 Those Who Lurk in the Night" (my suggestion to remove the Shinra logo and to keep it simple remake style, with Optima font, on a plain black screen)
-To correct the overtext as per japanese script it should be year/month/day and like this
Midgar Sector 8 (2:15 A.M.)
[ ν ] - εγλ 0001/2/30
Where  [ ν ] stands for the new era and [ μ ] for the previous era. Font and allignment style a la Mako's project
-My suggestion is to remove all caps for DOWN WITH SHINRA and make it as "Down with Shinra!", better for the eye.
-My suggestion is to follow remake in not capitalizing "Shinra" and "Avalanche" but only SOLDIER.
-If possible to "polish" the Exclamation mark, and to center it, hate asimmetry.
-When Cissnei arrives and receive a phonecall there is no "holding phone" animation.
-When the call ends the music removal is too fast, there is no fade out, the other music track kicks in too fast.
-After the phonecall between Tseng and Verdot there is some gray part on background, right and left.
-After Reno meet Sears the backgrounds are also gray/missing parts.
-After Avalanche shout at Cissnei STOP HER the animation of the Avalanche running through her is weird.
-Fuhito avatar has some white pixel on the left-side of the hair.

That's all I noticed, I know it's all in process and dialogues need polishing, but I felt can be helpful


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Re: Before Crisis Remake
« Reply #78 on: 2021-02-23 07:01:54 »
    ► FFVII Before Crisis Archive ◄



    more on discord #story

    • Last Order Names (inside bracket BC "weapon" names): Alvis[Rod], Emma[Gun], Ruluf[Two Guns], Freyra[Shotgun], Maur[Martial Arts], Juget[Martial Arts], Balto[Katana], Cissnei[Shuriken], Nunchaku[=], Knife[=], Legend[=].
    • Reminiscence of Compilation FFVII: Alvis/Rod=Crisis, Katana=Balto.

    Spoiler: show
    1) In the game Before Crisis we got only the various "weapon names" for the main BC Turks such as
    Rod, Gun, Two Guns, Shotgun, Martial Arts M, Martial Arts F, Katana, Shuriken, Nunchaku, Knife, Legend etc.
    referred to the actual weapon they are equipping and in BC you could actually rename those.

    2) However in the Last Order Sketches we get several names of the main BC Turks written for the first time such as:
    Alvis, Emma, Ruluf, Freyra, Maur, Juget, Balto(that's in Reminiscence see below), Cissnei

    3) On top of that in 'Reminiscence of FFVII Compilation' for Rod/Alvis they use "Crisis" (クライシス) and for Katana they use "Balto" (バルト)

    4) About Following Character Names: Verdot/Veld, Sears/Shears, Diné, see below:
    • The FFVII Advent Children Reunion Files, a rare book released in 2006 which feature both japanese and english language (page 96) has both Verdot/Veld and Sears/Shears depicted on the same page
    • The FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania, a book released in Japan only in 2007 has Verdot and Sears only
    • The Novel The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story, a novel released in english in 2019 by yenpress, has Veld and Shears in.
    -As per the Japanese source: "The Japanese has very precise and inviolable rules on phonetics, for example every consonant (except n) must necessarily have a vowel behind it. So when a Japanese creates a non-Japanese name in katakana, it will often be approximate. "Sears" and "Shears", pronounced in English, share the same result - シ ア ー ズ, so without more info from who created the name it becomes impossible to trace the original name with certainty. Ditto for Veld and Verdot, although Veld * perhaps * could be written differently in Katakana."
    -For Nanaki's companion, as per Japanese source ( ディネ ): "It's Dìne or Dinè (or Deeneh in phonetic English) but impossibile to guess where the accent should be going." Following Wikia en - Diné is the name of the Navajo people in their native language. - So ultimately I would say it's Diné.

    5) Avalanche artwork reference Remake/BC/CC comparison:

    more on discord #characters

    Spoiler: show


    more on discord #minigames

    Spoiler: show
    The Before Crisis and Last Order Original Soundtrack was released on December 19, 2007. The CD contains 27 tracks, of which 12 are extended versions of the music featured in Before Crisis.

    -BC OST:
    -LO OST:

    01 - "Theme of Turks" (BC-FFVII-Version)
    02 - "Mission"
    03 - "Survive"
    04 - "Secret action"
    05 - "Theme of Elfe"
    06 - "Black Beat"
    07 - "Desperate Crisis"
    08 - "Last Labyrinth"
    09 - "Rebirth"

    - Bonus Track -
    10 - "Theme of Elfe" (Angel)
    11 - "Theme of Elfe" (Devil)
    12 - "Rebirth" (Edit)

    Theme of Elfe - Lyrics

    "The sky is falling, the stars are unclear
    Sometimes I wonder where I belong
    Please take me back to when the stars all aligned and shined
    I try to keep myself alive
    Please don't predict my future

    Be strong enough to live your life
    Don't look back
    Keep your eyes wide open and see
    Cast aside all doubts

    Fly me to the sky
    No time to waste
    Fly into your dream and future
    I need to go on and on
    Never runaway from the true
    Fly me in the sky
    I need to go on and on

    How can you see me, inside of my heart?
    Sometimes I'm afraid to realize
    Someone is dying, someone is killing
    How can be build a peaceful world?

    Be strong enough to live your life
    Don't look back
    Keep your eyes wide open and see
    Cast aside all doubts"

    The CD is still available from Sony Music Shop and Amazon.

    • Uploading...



    Spoiler: show
    Regarding the 1920x1080 youtube link I'm not sure if that is being modified anyhow.
    1) There is the niconico video n.1 (512x384) which source as mentioned in the description might come from a specific DVD from magazine "Young Gangan"(ヤングガンガン創刊号付録)。The niconico video n.1 is matching with the resolution of Grimoire's uploaded version (512x384).
    2) The niconico video n.2 (1920x1080) it's mentioning another source in the description which is the SQUARE ENIX DVD PRESS 2014 WINTER. The only issue with niconico video n.2 it's the audio which is totally different.
    3) It is possible to download any niconico video from website

    more on discord #characters, #story




    *Please note*
    If anybody is will into support, sharing their knowledge or have more information please add your post below.
    - If you have any information about the original game or demo long gone please write here.
    - If you have any information about the several game mode scripts.
    - If you have any HQ arts to share.[/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]
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    Re: Before Crisis Remake
    « Reply #79 on: 2021-02-23 22:28:01 »
    Some positive news, we've done quite a bit of an overhaul of chapter one over the past month.
    There are a lot of new updates but I don't want to spoil what will be in the demo. I want a lot of stuff to catch players off-guard.

    Right now, we're just doing the finishing touches and I'm currently making battle sprites. Here's a sneak preview:

    Everything's going smoothly.
    Anyone with RPG Maker MV expertise is welcome to help us as this project is open source.

    As for a timeframe of the demo, if I had to guess, maybe in 2-3 weeks from now.
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    Re: Before Crisis Remake
    « Reply #80 on: 2021-02-24 21:39:57 »
    Great news!


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    Re: Before Crisis Remake
    « Reply #81 on: 2021-02-28 19:55:21 »
    I just want to document here so in the future we'll know the best way we currently have of upscaling the ripped backgrounds
    Using Topaz AI Denoise > remove noise 25%, sharpen 25%, recover 0%, noise reduction 0%
    Then in photoshop CS6 > filter > reduce noise > strength 2, color noise 40%, sharpen 25%, "check" remove jpeg artifact