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Questions about FF9?.
« on: 2020-06-02 17:28:30 »

 i have a few wee questions about ff9. i have loads while i play it, but i always forget them when i come online. anyway, Dagger. what exactly does her ability 'Odin's Sword' do? it says it attacks with eidolon Odin but it doesnt seem to do anything. also, her trance. it switches to Eidolon from Summon, but what does it do? does it just make the Eidolon stronger? hhmmmm, anymore? oh yeah, the friendly ghosts. if you give them all what they want the last one'll say "you can fight the round guy now", refering to Ozma. and if youve already killed him itll say something like "what!? youve alerady killed him?". but does it actually make any diference when you fight Ozma about whether youve done the quest or not? im about to go and fight Kuja to end the game, but im doing all the side quests first.