Author Topic: [FF7PC]TSUNAMODS SYW V5 upscale : Battle, world map, fields, videos  (Read 2521 times)


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DLPB never share anything, i won't enter in a debate here again, but i helped him, he never returned any help or hex value i needed, he does the same with lots of devel, too bad for users but reunion will never be supported by me and my mods, and as my mod needs lastest FFNx feature and DLPB don't use it...
long story short "never"

fields animations are 30fps but fields animation while fmv are 15 fps so if fields is used as 15 fps with 30 fps fmv the animation is messed up.
that's why ATM trueOdin working on make the field's animation while fmv in 30 fps, so no speedup nor slowdows feeling when doing fields to fmv transition
so 30 fps fmv will look great with 30 fps fields aniation and it's only in this way i'll release the 30 fps fmv
long story short you won't be able to choose because 15 fps fmv will be useless and will only degrade the game comparing to 30 fps

Ah, so FFNx is the reason SYWV4 works with Reunion (no FFNx required) but SYWV5/6 doesn't? Makes sense, I guess. I could have sworn DLPB talked about switching to FFNx awhile back, unless he abandoned those plans.

At the very least will you make the SYW5/6 available for manual install in the future, for those who don't mind doing some programming? I really just want a straight swap of assets and would be willing to give up smooth animations and menu overhaul. Your assets are just so much better upscaled than Remako.


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Satsuki Yatoshi Mod / SYW V5 is not just better upscale, it's an overall more complete experience than Remako, Remako is outdated.

If all goes well... it will come also with HD minigames and HD videos in 30fps (which will be way smoother and more improved version of FMVs), no one before attempted to do this.

Also another great achievement are the HD animations which weren't possible to do before the advent of FFNx, now the HD animations are available with SYW V5.
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For the V5 pack lastest FFNx will be mandatory, even de current canary can't play the 30 fps without ingame bug.
So i won't release 30fps movies before FFNx can play them properly.

An all in one steam installer/pack/FFNx setup is planned and mostly done (i need to have the english version of the great Aavock menus first - it will be release as an iro too)
Preview :


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This is so great, i've never played FF7, wanted to start lately, found this, and i can't wait for the steam version installer :)
Thank you for your great work