Author Topic: "Cracking" FFVIII model data  (Read 24835 times)


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"Cracking" FFVIII model data
« Reply #50 on: 2004-08-02 08:12:10 »
Quote from: Almighty_gir
anyway, on topic, if anyone could send me the model for squall, and seifer, in 3ds format, that would be awsome

Duh people dont even try. I dont know if they are the ones, because i haven't played ff8 so far, but there are two of the main guys models, in that archive ! Convert them by the exe which is also in archive and there they are. But i think they will look ugly, because 3DS is old format and it does not handle proper point coords texturing.
ok here is some raw alpha version, its buggy but it should be able to see FF8 field files with extensions .MCH. There are two mch's included in archive.


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"Cracking" FFVIII model data
« Reply #51 on: 2004-08-02 18:27:16 »
its not that i dont try, its that i lost my cd's and formatted my pc, and refuse to illegally download the game.