Author Topic: [Tutorial] Changing FF7 Soundfont with TiMidity++  (Read 9326 times)


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pyrozen brought this up on another thread so I thought it would be a good idea to share the "how to get it working" so everyone can enjoy some better sound quality music while playing FF7 PC.
Unlike FF7music this wont mess up your music in any way.

( 1 )
Download TiMidity-CVS081206_setup_ENG.exe from here.

( 2 )
Run it and when it asks you which stuff to install, just make sure to check the following, all the rest doesn't matter:
  • Timidity++ Driver
  • Windrive Configurator setwindvr
  • Create shortcuts in start menu

( 3 )
Get SFPACK and unpack it somewhere.
You'll need it for step 5, when it asks you to unpack the FF7.sfpack file.

( 4 )
Download somedude41's FF7 soundfont at

( 5 )
Unzip it somewhere and then unpack the FF7.sfpack
Optionally you can then name the FF7.sf2 you just unpacked to something else, like "ff7slb16.sf2" so that's easier to know which soundfont you're using when you start adding more to test.

( 6 )
From the start menu boot up setwindvr,
press the little "folder button" and locate the directory where ff7slb16.sf2 is,
then press "Add" (the one with the blue arrow),
select the ff7slb16.sf2 from the list on the right press "<= Add" (the one with the green arrow this time),
and finally select "WinMM" from all those "Output Mode"s
You can save & quit now.

( 7 )
Boot up FF7config and jump to the MIDI tab.
Here you need to set "MIDI Driver" to "Timidity++ Driver"
and the "MIDI Data" to "General MIDI" (recommended) or "Yamaha XG MIDI"

( 8 )
Boot FF7 and enjoy the improved song quality!
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Re: [Tutorial] Changing FF7 Soundfont with TiMidity++
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I am going to try this out.

Edit - It's working out really well. I would recommend this to anyone who has tried out the FF7Music program and did not like it (whatever reason). Instructions here were a bit complicated and but it can easily be improved/revised.

~Overseer X
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