Author Topic: SOLVED: FF7Music crashes when switching the songs =(  (Read 1827 times)


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Hi guys,
I hope u'll not hate me for opening a new thread about FF7Music.

But it seemed like no1 has looked into the Guide-Thread, where I'Ve posted my problem a few days ago.

Well, this is my problem:
The first track played with FF7Music is fine, but when there should a switch of the BGM (entering battles or walk in another screen) there's silence.
When I'm using Alt+Tab to look after the program it's crashed (''Keine Rückmeldung/No Response'')
I used the way, TF recommend in the Guide-Thread... but it still won't work T__T

Do you guys have an idea, why FF7Music is crashing ? =(
Maybe the in- and out-DLL'S are too old, or so ? o_O

EDIT: Holy crap, the in- and out-DLL's were truly too old and the reason for crashing, too ! O_O
(About 2002 or something @[email protected])
I've just downloaded a newer version of both files and it runs stable o.o
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