Author Topic: [Tutorial] Guide to Installing FF7 PC with Mods.  (Read 106532 times)


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Re: [Tutorial] Guide to Installing FF7 PC with Mods.
« Reply #75 on: 2012-05-31 04:13:32 »
^ Thanks for the help. 

I do have a quick question after installing the avalanche mods, I've basically followed all your instructions but want to make sure all the battle and world texture mods will work.  After installing my mods folder looks like this:

It looks like the world and battle folders for the textures were added outside the avalanche folder, which is my modpath.  Do I need to move the world and battle folders inside the avalanche folder for those to work properly?  Or can they also work like they are now.  I was under the impression that all the folders needed to be in the modpath folder, but I didn't know for sure.  Meaning, it needs to be like mods/avalanche/world and mods/avalanche/battle ?

Again thanks for the work you put in on this thread, and thanks in advance for any response!