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Re: Nibelheim flashback Crash
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I'm experiencing the same problem, as well as Jenova.  Perhaps there is something wrong with it?

EDIT: I've noticed a major hole in the Jenova program (as well as the completely defunctional 'Stats' page one each character, although there is a slightly long-winded remedy to this).  That is, in Disc 1 (at least pre-flashback) the character list entries (ie. the menu to the left of the stats tables where all the characters are listed and 'clickable' to edit) for 'Vincent' and 'Cait Sith' are replaced by 'Sephiroth' and 'Cloud' respecticely, the latter being 'Young Cloud'.

Being a veteran of the PSX version, during the flashback Sephiroth was equipped with a weapon called 'Masamune' if I remember correctly, as Cloud was given 'Buster Sword'.  In Jenova however, the available weapons are listed in the drop-down menu are 'locked' to those of that character, in this case the Gun weaponry and the Megaphones respectively.  The problem is caused as once you save this savegame, the weapon entries for Young Cloud and Sephiroth are effectively blank (as Jenova will not let you select Masamune with 'Vincent' or Buster Sword with 'Cait Sith by default) and as accuracy in-game is determined by equipped weapon, no weapon no accuracy.

The remedy is to give Sephiroth any weapon (I chose Death Penalty just to be safe) as with Cloud (though Cloud using any megaphone is kind of stupid in concept).  This problem with this? The weapon hit effects in battles are those of the weapon, so Sephiroth attacks with a distinct 'bang' and explosion, rather than a slash as would be expected, whilst Cloud definitely doesn't slice his opponents up.

Also, Masamune is meant to have 4 link materia slots I believe, though Jenova has changed that too by getting rid of some 'All' materia, though this could have been changed in the port to PC.

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