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FF7 translating, programs testing/questions
« on: 2007-07-24 14:29:12 »
Becouse we want translate FF7 to our language, I tested some programs.

Translation procedure whitch looks best
Unpack with cosmo with decompresing
//Export text with sapphire  ??!sapphire color/chars bugs
//Import text with sapphire
Import with emerald
(edit fcyo with cosmo/loveless)
edit with Teioh
convert with fftext
HEX edit
convert(reverse) with fftext
pictures ???
Export with Highwind to PNG
Import with Highwind
new chars
replace some allready existing not used char with new one
edit menu_us.lgp(TEX with fonts)

Window.bin editing(char lenght) ??

Here some results of testing and questions.

Some my comment to programs
(feel free to add comment, I am waitnig for them )

Working with LGP files
can export/import of level files many at once(can pack levels, cant unpack)
?Import has two modes, whats differnce(yes/no choice on some polish text)?

!bug on non english windows
fast unpack, can decompres alll files during extracting
weird patch system(not clear, or made patch from not unpacked levels?)
self patch dont work
?function Pack only repack archive, where was adding on end?(didnt pack new created flevel.lgp with unpacked levels)

!bug on non english windows
?higher HW requirements(RAM must be higher then created/opened archive)? Otherwise Highwing crash.

Translating flevel.lgp
all programs have some wrong(bad text, bad chars) text in some levels

export/import text from levels
slow decompresiing if files comppresed
create file lista.txt in unusal place(must check if not addin lista.txt too)
cant import text to fcyo
dont know some color/chars to right decode

direct text editing, can edit kernel2.bin
"Keep changes" message forever.
Qhimm compession should be default, 8bit comppresion bugged?
Good patch system whitch search only text difference
Self patch dont work
Some weird behavior(bugs?), must be good setting?

Only possible working only trought find&replace?
can edit text window size
even with "preview" trought a lot of levels crash
?Cant work with cosmo created archive

Translating kernel2.bin
Teioh (2.1)
no comment, looks good and working

Text in FF7.exe
HEX editing after using FFtext
Size of text can be changed(can add more text, if I am carefull), but (start) position of text?

Translating/editing pictures
No program can keep 4bit color? No program can create "same" TEX?
Bad transparency color
Only like pink color? Giving it everywhere.(yeah its transparency color, but it give it in file where trans. color must not be)

access violation error at TEX-BMP
BMP-TEX same as Biturn

Jenova Birth
only export, transparency to pink(if no transparency no pink)

cant create TEX with transparency color?

export to 24bit color PNG
looks like keep something from header of original TEX, only one with good transparency importing?
Imported files(created TEX) has changed palete
Imported files(created TEX) are bigger or smaller(not same size as original)
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Re: FF7 translating, programs testing/questions
« Reply #1 on: 2007-07-26 16:44:23 »
what are you translating it to?


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Re: FF7 translating, programs testing/questions
« Reply #2 on: 2007-07-26 17:04:44 »
To czech language

Re: FF7 translating, programs testing/questions
« Reply #3 on: 2007-07-31 22:21:34 »
Pracuješ ještě na tom překladu ? (já na něm totiž pracuji také...)