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[Attacks] Data format
« on: 2007-09-19 17:27:01 »
Alright, so I'm writing my own stuff to play around with FF7's data, hopefully towards making a comprehensive hack. So far I've done fun things like made materia with Quake and Break on, changed spells around, made a materia cast Lapis Laser, you get the idea. Now I'm trying to find out what those pesky 'unknowns' from the wiki are in the attack data! I have some guesses, but if the information is available it'd be nice to know before I go insane changing bytes by 1 at a time.

Here's what I know:
Code: [Select]
 00  01  Accuracy (or L# in <L# Spell>)
 01  01  Impact Animation
 02  01  Target Animation
 03  01  Unknown [always FF]
 04  01  MP Cost
 05  04  Unknown [byte 0 affects animation in some way, byte 3 always 00]
 09  01  Unknown [affects camera in some way, FF is no movement?]
 0A  01  'Attack Type' (more info would be nice)
 0B  01  'Attack Attributes' (is this a bitfield? the values given are not very helpful)
 0C  01  Attack Targeting (same as Items)
 0D  01  Animation ID# (seems to work, although Cure and Choco/Mog are #0 for example)
 0E  01  'Restore Apply' (strange name considering how many things this does)
 0F  01  Strength
 10  01  Restore Type (affects which dialog appears? also some unknown values 05 and 26)
 11  01  Status Infliction Chance (out of 64)
 12  01  Script (a list of these would be nice, I have a few marked down)
 13  01  Script Argument (# of hits for Script 00, etc.)
 14  04  Status Effects (bitfield)
 18  02  Elements (bitfield)
 1A  02  Special (bitfield, some unknowns)

Also, as pointed out before, kernel.bin section 2 only contains data for 128 attacks (all materia spells, some limit breaks), but section 18 contains 256 names. Where are the other 128 attacks? I decompiled scene.bin and listed all the attacks, but the first (new) attack ID I can find is #259... does anybody know where Big Shot is defined, for instance?

Any help with this stuff would be great!

EDIT: Er, I think I'm missing some monster records. I can't find the Diamond, Ruby or Emerald Weapons in my output from scene.bin. Ultimate is there though.

EDIT: Trawled through some old threads and found data for bytes 0-2. Added.
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