Author Topic: COP2/GTE in they playstation (usage)  (Read 2556 times)


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COP2/GTE in they playstation (usage)
« on: 2008-01-09 02:46:41 »
So the PS1 has a coprocessor called the GTE.  I've been examining it's IS (instruction set for short I hate writing IS 40 times) so here is the question.
According to halkun (TM) direct access to the hardware was verboten. This ment the bios was used for a lot of things.  IE GPU DMA setup etc.
So the dumb question how often were the developer libraries Sony provided used versus some one writing there own engine for passing 3d data to the GTE and out again? I'm curious because I was looking at how complicated using the GTE could be (and to me it seems as though it would be so). Thus my assumption is the game makers used standard sets of code (IE libraries) to handle twiddling there 3d data and sending it to the GPU.  I would if it were fast enough.  Less messing around at least.



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Re: COP2/GTE in they playstation (usage)
« Reply #1 on: 2008-01-21 18:54:35 »
If I remember right, the GTE was one of the hardware units that Sony fully documented for developers and permitted direct access to.  They still provided libraries though.