Author Topic: some command line FF7 utils  (Read 2104 times)


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some command line FF7 utils
« on: 2007-12-09 18:20:33 »
Here are some command line FF7 utils which I created becouse I needed them.
I didnt wanted release them....  but maybe usefull for someone....
ff7de    extract/import 'dialog part' from unpacked level
ff7lgp  extract/add(add to end or replace)/recreate(=add, but keep same LGP file order) LGP files
ff7tut   extract/import texts from .tut files to txt(tutorials files)
ff7wmes  extract/import text from mes file to txt(world map text)
ff7te    extract/import 'dialog part' to txt(no specials tag, all are still chars...)

you can try find usage by running it trought command line...:P
ff7de and ff7lgp I used for distributing translation of ff7 to our language(bat file in installer).

Some duples files
Duples means that some levels have same or very similar text
ffsameDIRS.bat  copy those with same/similar text to diferent dirs.
but beware, somewhere is diference in "one word", but change meaning of sentence
I have those difference somewhere, but in my native language...:P