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I wonder....
« on: 2008-05-13 18:24:56 »
I wonder what the 'adequate' level of fun is to be had on these forums?
I started a poll on who would back down between El Ammo and Xelane, just for abit of fun in Completely Unrelated, where it belongs, and Synergy Blades shut it down.  No disrespect btw, just out of curiosity, since you said it was a pointless thread, what wouldn't be pointless, seeing as I put it in a forum about pointless things? :-)

Synergy Blades

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Re: I wonder....
« Reply #1 on: 2008-05-13 21:17:32 »
You were starting a post about someone else's dispute. It's bad enough as it is without having little side chats about it. As to your question, this is not a forum for pointless things, this is a forum for unrelated things - things that do actually have a purpose, but don't fit any other category.

If you have a problem with my moderation, then in future PM me about it - do not start yet another thread over it.
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