Author Topic: [PSX/PC] Materia Equip-Effects Editor - MateriaKeeper (1.2)  (Read 790 times)

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This is a tool written in C# for modifying the stat bonuses/penalties given by Materia. It can modify an ff7.exe, ff7_en.exe, or a ff7.iso/bin/img from the PAL/NTSC regions.

Materia Keeper v1.2

Source: Github Repository

-) PC with .NET (most PCs with a modern OS will have this)

-) Can modify ff7.exe, ff7_en.exe, or a .bin, .img, .iso file
-) Option to revert an opened file's values back to the default
-) Print a hext-edit ready .txt document listing all offsets + hex values (PC & PSX)

Potential Issues
-) The file validation is fairly basic; avoid using this tool on files it wasn't designed to be used on.

I put this together as a coding project to get more familiar with making tools and moving onto more complex projects (plus it helps with my programming). Any feedback on how the tool functions and the code itself would be welcome; I stuck with a method I was familiar with from college but there's likely better ways to go about it. I definitely need some pointers on file verification because the way the tool currently checks for a valid file isn't strong enough (especially for PSX files).

Thanks to RedXIV & DLPB on the Discord for testing the tool out and providing feedback.
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Re: [PSX/PC] Materia Equip-Effects Editor - MateriaKeeper (1.2)
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 06:58:45 »
Just tried this out as seems an awesome idea.

I have no stats outside of -127 to 128 range, they not even outside of suggested range so only 2 digits.

But I get a prompt saying this when trying to create txt file for patch.

"Error: Please check values entered are between -127 > 128"

Screenshot below of values


I get the same error if I load it up and press txt whilst its on default values as well.
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Re: [PSX/PC] Materia Equip-Effects Editor - MateriaKeeper (1.2)
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 17:05:28 »
GuardScorpion project xD
It looks nice.The best its that it works in psx version :O
Nice work and thanks to share the project .