Author Topic: [PSX/PC] KERNEL.BIN editor - WallMarket (v1.4.5)  (Read 410668 times)


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Re: [PSX/PC] KERNEL.BIN editor - WallMarket (v1.4.5)
« Reply #1225 on: 2019-09-28 10:22:29 »
Basically, that means it'll work for PSX modding too since they can be injected into a disc image without rearranging file locations. The prog comes with a basic readme as well that should explain how to use it.

So i've been messing with the tool trying to edit the KERNEL.BIN that i extracted from a PSX image and i can get wallmarket to make the changes on that file but hen i try to add it back the LBA's in the image get rearranged and i cant figure out how to prevent that. Whenever i try and Mount the iso im getting a "file corrupt" error so that's complicating matters too.

this is my first foray into modding on something and Any help would be appreciated