Author Topic: [FF7PC-98] The AWEsome Patch - SoundFont MIDI data fix (2008-10-22)  (Read 9737 times)


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Man, it's been a long, LONG time since I've actually released something. :lol:

Linkage here: The AWEsome Patch (Size:87.1kb)

Anyway, this is my first FF7-releated MIDI release.  It is aimed at those who have SF2-compatible soundcards and are having stability issues with FF7music that they can't seem to fix.  It is also somewhat inspired by this thread here, in which Zaphod77 began an attempt at fixing some of the sequencing errors in the MIDI files.  In fact, this release builds on some of the work he did in that thread, and I give him credit for the files of his that I incorporated in this patch.

What it does
As the name implies, its an update for the midi files in the AWE.lgp file, that fixes the midi files there to sound more like the PSFs by using more intelligent sample choices from the game's FF7.sf2 file, as well as other notation tricks and fixes. 8-)  Loop point data is intact as well, so they will loop seamlessly.

Which files are updated
This is a short, but good, list for a first release.  Fighting, Still More Fighting, Victory Fanfare, J E N O V A, Electric de Chocobo and Under the Rotting Pizza have been updated in this version.  Future releases will attempt to fix more songs, should they need to be fixed.  I have the PSFs, so doing A/B comparisons isn't a problem.   :-D

How to install it
The MIDI files included in the zip file are for those who want to patch the awe.lgp file manually using LGP Tools, and the .exe file is the autopatcher for those to just want to point/click/install/play.  They also serve as a handy way of previewing the new midi data without installing the patch.  Just make sure to load FF7.sf2 into bank 1 (not bank 0) of your soundfont device before playing.  Also, be sure to go into the MIDI tab in the config program and select "SoundFont MIDI (AWE32/64)" under "MIDI Data", in order to make sure you're using the new data.

Using the EAX Preset
I've included a tweaked version of Samuel's FF8 EA Preset, that should be compatible with Audigy2 cards.  Unless I've fundamentally misunderstood how to export EAX presets, then this should work.  Do the following to use it:

1. On the EAX tab, click ENABLE AUDIO EFFECTS, if EAX sounds are currently off.

2. Click CUSTOM, then click EDIT.

3. A new window should appear.  Click the IMPORT ENVIRONMENT icon, go to where you extracted "PSX Reverb.aup" to, and select it.

4. The new Environment setting should now be added to the selectable list of custom effects.  Close the window and click CUSTOM (or to ENVIRONMENT and then back to CUSTOM to refresh the list), and PSX Reverb should now be listed.  Select it and enjoy!

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?
As this is a first release, I'm eager to hear some feedback.  Try it out and let me know what you think.

Also, I have no webhosting of my own, so I'm currently doing the ghetto thing and putting it on Mirex' Public Trashbin (No offense to Mirex of course.  :-P)  Anyone who is willing to put up a mirror of this is welcome to, just let me know that you are so I can update the links in this post.
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cool that helped me

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Would there be any chance of somehow merging the instruments and vocals from the lb2.SF2 (the One Winged Angel stuffs and whatever else) into a unified FF7.sf2? Especially since most SoundFont devices don't auto-load SoundFonts like the old AWE cards used to do. Also loading both SoundFonts lb2.SF2 on top of FF7.sf2 overwrites instruments normally used, the woodblock for example, so it isn't just a simple merge. Heck there might be some better versions of the instruments from lb2.SF2 that could replace the FF7.sf2.

Yes this is a massive grave dig, but it seems to be only relevant place.
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But we cant use the 3 in 1 SoundFont for other files.

Someone did a improved FFVII MIDI + SF2 set for SBLive! back then
and after a few versions he merged the other instruments.
I can't use it for listening to game music on OS X
because some instruments sound wrong.


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this topic was 3 years old lol :/ i doubt the starter is still working on it