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[N/A] FINAL FANTASY VII OST (Remastered Edition) ~by Final FanTim~ (2011-02-26)

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Final FanTim ~PRESENTS~:
FINAL FANTASY VII Original Soundtrack [Remastered Edition] NEW VERSION! (see below for changes)
Listen to my demo:
(There are several "improvements" in the final version)

If you want to use this in-game, you probably want the looping OGG format downloads that Sir Awesome III put together, available here. ~Covarr

Seperate Download:




Complete Download:
ALL DISCS (thanks to Masa-Buster)

Youtube Playlist: (thanks to d33eniz)

FFVII OST Remastered Edition contains all of the original tracks but are remastered with REAL HIGH quality instruments (samples). So it sounds alot better than the original version on both PC and PSX

Because im a big fan of N. Uematsu  :-D

You can try this with the amazing Ficedula's FFVIIMusic or just listen to it if you are a fan of the music

Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
Remastered by Final FanTim
Artwork by TheFavs

Special thanks to TheFavs for helping me loop these.

1. I will not give any kind of tech-related support for software (search the forums)
2. These tracks will not loop correctly in FFVII due lack of cue support in mp3
3. These tracks are not meant as a remix so they will stop abruptly since there based on the original MIDI (which has looping fucition)

Together with The Favs, we tried to get a proper duration of all tracks by looping to match the PSX Original Soundtrack as close as we can.
I redid them not to only loop properly, but some even to sound better!

Here are some of the fixed tracks:
1-02 - Opening ~ Bombing Mission + Added Orchestra hit @ 1:29, + Added Snare drum where needed, + Added Cymbal crash, fixed weird brass sound where reverse cymbal was intended

1-03 - Makou Reactor + Added the missing bells and a reverse gong

1-07 - Hurry! - Changed the pitch of the woodblocks by just a notch

1-10 - Fighting + Added a riding tambourine just like in the PSX OST

1-11 - Victory Fanfare - Now its looped properly 2 times meaning the duration is now 1:02 which is close to the 0:53 of the OST version

1-20 - Still More Fighting! - Now its looped properly and i changed the guitar modeling so it now has a distortion guitar instead of a 'overdrive only' guitar. I also changed it from power chord to single note so it sounds more realistic considering this piece.

1-06 - Barret's Theme - Now its looped properly with my own original timpani's

1-22 - Crazy Motorcycle - Now its looped properly and i also replaced the drumkit to a more punchy one to match the original as close as possible (SWEET!)

3-02 - Life Stream - Now its looped properly with string fills just like the original PSX OST version

3-09 - Wutai - Now looped properly with the proper timpani's which where somehow off when i exported my original rearrangement

4-02 - Weapon Raid - Now looped properly with the proper timpani's. The midi notes of the timpani midi track were somehow not at the right key. I also had to seperate the timpani, snare and cymbal

4-12 - The Makou Cannon Is Fired ~ Shinra Explodes - Now actually HAS the 'Shinra Explodes' part which was missing

4-15 - Birth of the God - Now looped properly with a duration of 4:00. Your going to love this one, i redid the guitar sound since it didnt sound as muted as i thought. Also, i added some nice drum fills between the looping points and at the end of the track to close it properly

4-16 - One-Winged Angel - Now looped properly. I also increased the volume of the snare kit and timpani's to add some depth and power

If you enjoyed my work, please listen to my own rearrangement of FINAL FANTASY IX - Battle Theme:

Battle Not Alone! (Final Version):

And my unfinished project:
Final Fantasy VI - OST [Remastered Edition] by Final FanTim - Unreleased Tracks

*Japanese translated tracklist i suppose, my names are from the US version.

1 Opening Theme
2 The Mines Of Narshe
3 Awakening
4 Lock (Lock's Theme)
5 Battle Theme
6 Fanfare
7 Edgar & Mash (Edgar, Mash's Theme)
8 Cefca (Cefca's Theme)
9 Mt. Coltz
10 Returners
11 Shadow (Shadow's Theme)
12 Troops March On
13 Cayenne (Cayenne's Theme)
14 The Unforgiven
15 The Mystic Forest
16 Mistery Train <- lol definitely translated from Japanese

I will not finish this project, not even CD1 im afraid. This is just something i made so far that i want to share :wink:

Awesome work!!!

Milo Leonhart:
Hello, the link for DISC 4 is dead and MU is dead too ...

Hi Milo Leonhart,

i am uploading it for you.

MediaFire folder:

   Final Fantasy VI  - OST [Remastered Edition] by Final FanTim - Unreleased Tracks.rar

   Final Fantasy VII - OST [Remastered Edition] by Final FanTim - CD1.rar
   Final Fantasy VII - OST [Remastered Edition] by Final FanTim - CD2.rar
   Final Fantasy VII - OST [Remastered Edition] by Final FanTim - CD3.rar
   Final Fantasy VII - OST [Remastered Edition] by Final FanTim - CD4.rar

   Final Fantasy VII - Soundtrack Remastered Demo by Final FanTim.mp3

UGerstl keeps the mods alive  ;)
(Bootleg project)

Milo Leonhart:
Thanks, man! ;)


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