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[FF7-PC98] Tom's Installer Console Version
« on: 2015-10-04 14:31:56 »
Well this thread is for the development of the Final Fantasy VII Installer Console Version.  Its the same as the other installers however also runs on Windows 10 and will also be compiled for Linux and Macintosh PPC and Intel.

Palette Editor module, part of the Developer's Tools and can be used to customize the theme of the installer by the user:

Compatibility Mode added to allow windows created for the classic console installer to work without modification:

Window limit removed, previously could only have 2 windows open on screen because windows were hardcoded, now they are dynamic!

Rough draft of the Developer's Tools window list used to add/remove windows to the installer (Used to make custom installers for mods like possibly a New Threat Installer)
Also the ability to move windows by clicking the titlebar was added and enabled

Graphics Mode tech test:

CLASSIC CONSOLE INSTALLER: This is the old display when you launch it.

EXEs will be released every now and then for your enjoyment (and probably amusement since there's a ton of unimplemented features of the GUI installer in it)  ;) .
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Re: [FF7-PC98] Tom's Installer Console Version
« Reply #1 on: 2016-07-22 13:32:19 »
Yes after more than a year the Console Installer 1st preview EXE is available!

If you are on 64 bits run START64.BAT.  If not either run the regular START.BAT or double click TEST0001.EXE
For full screen [ALT] + [Enter]

Yes I know there is not much to do in the installer but its a test of command line graphical apps.
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