Author Topic: FF8 (PC) crash just a bit of help please  (Read 11228 times)


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FF8 (PC) crash just a bit of help please
« on: 2009-03-13 09:09:07 »
ok so i have already tried everything i can think of and what the net provides

basically my game keeps crashing when you first meet seifer (after the first fmv ofcourse) and well you know that part just brfore the seed exam and zells talking to you and then quistis says that seifers you leader

she then says "Seifer are you there?"

then seifers head pokes from the bottom of the screen and it crashes just then

every single time just as his head pokes up so i was wondering if you could either tell me what is happening or just take my savefile here and just get past that ity bity part and then give it back :3

save <- thats the link btw

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Re: FF8 (PC) crash just a bit of help please
« Reply #1 on: 2009-03-13 12:07:45 »
if you're using a pirated version of the game then that would most likely be why. assuming that you're not, check the net for ff8 pc patches before anything, and if to no avail check for a save editor

if all else fails, pm me and i'll get you past that bit, but you'll more than likely run into the same problem at another point in the game.


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Re: FF8 (PC) crash just a bit of help please
« Reply #2 on: 2009-03-16 05:24:40 »
Hey I have the exact problem.  I have the retail version of the Final Fantasy 8 for PC and everytime I am about to be introduced to seifer it crashes to desktop.  I have the game updated to latest patch, I run it on vista and I am not sure how to work the griefer save editor thing.  Could you just send me a save file or should I just send you mine?  Appreciate this a lot.


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Re: FF8 (PC) crash just a bit of help please
« Reply #3 on: 2009-04-23 09:24:02 »
That bug can be circumvented by putting the ff8.exe in a seperate folder and linking the FF8 launcher to the new exe directory.
Don't get your hopes up too high though.

Here's how it works:
0. Make sure you have the most recent FF8_launcher (I use 1.31)
1. Create a new folder in your FF8 folder, call it "exe", "FF8 redirect" or whatever pleases you.
2. Put the FF8.exe and ONLY the .exe into that new folder.
3. Back in your FF8 root, make a shortcut of the FF8_launcher.exe and call it whatever makes your day.
4. Right click it -> Properties
5. You'll see a field called "target" that links to your FF8_launcher File. Now behind that you put the new path of your FF8 exe.
Target: "E:\Final Fantasy 8\FF8_Launcher.exe" My unmodified target
My exe is now located here: E:\Final Fantasy 8\exe\FF8.exe

Put it all together:
"E:\Final Fantasy 8\FF8_Launcher.exe" E:\Final Fantasy 8\exe\FF8.exe
And that's what it should look like.

Now after you're through with the seed exam (you arrive back in Balamb garden) SAVE.
Shortly after you get promoted to be a Seed and after the clapping, instead of your Seed results you get a crash as reawrd.
I yet have to find time and a way to circumvent it, but next time I'm in the mood I'll try putting a copy of the FF8.exe back to its root folder (Final Fantasy 8\) and use the launcher to see whether that bug can be overcome by using the original folder again.
So that's what you can try.

Oh, and did I mention you should save? I didn't, and will have to do the exam again...


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Re: FF8 (PC) crash just a bit of help please
« Reply #4 on: 2009-12-22 03:03:42 »
Sorry to necrobump, but I have the same problem as the thread started and the kuraiken's solution didn't work for me :\
is getting a new disc the only other solution?

EDIT: I got a save file from the net, and it isn't just that scene. After the Dollet mission (the save I decided to test) I went to talk to Seifer to proceed with the story, and again, the game CRASHED. I don't want to be disappointed further/miss more of the story to continue investigating into the matter of crashing around Seifer, though it seems rather clear it is at least partially related to him.
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Re: FF8 (PC) crash just a bit of help please
« Reply #5 on: 2010-01-20 19:44:42 »
Hey guys,

I'm having the exact same problem  :|

I have the luxury of 2 PC's, one with vista and one with xp. So I've been switching save files whenever the game crashes in vista.

I've found, that Seifer is not the trigger for the crashes. In some parts the game crashes with him, in others he does just fine. The game also crashes in other parts, unrelated to Seifer.
In 99% the game crashes during cutscenes were the player has no control over the game. Only when entering Sacred's cave did the game crash without a cutscene. There seems to be no specific animation that triggers the crashes, no different animation. A note of interest: At one try the game did go past the first Seifer crash, only to crash after Cid did his speech. 

The game crashes in vista with or without the patch 1.2, with or without the launcher, with or without moving the exe file, with any configuration of the configure file and with all compatibility modes. Compatibility 95'or 98' is not possible, game crashes immediately. In Xp the game did not crash once!

Is it possible the crashes may be sound related? Have not seen any research there. The installer of Yamaha crashes when trying to install in all compatibility modes.

Hope this info helps to find a solution. Love what you guys did with the graphics and love this game.


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Re: FF8 (PC) crash just a bit of help please
« Reply #6 on: 2010-01-31 17:39:47 »
Hi there, I had this problem also after upgrading my motherboard and CPU to be 64 bit, I tried all the advice and info I could find on the net and nothing worked, even tried forcing 8-Bit graphics on my GFX but still nothing. Then I tried messing around with the sound configuration, still nothing.
Finally, after doing all that, I found the simplest answer that worked straight off the bat, restarting my PC. I have had it crash several times since then but I just try and make sure I save it as often as possible, restarting works every time.

Hope this helps anyone else with this problem.