Author Topic: Submarine problems  (Read 1141 times)

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Submarine problems
« on: 2009-05-27 19:46:59 »
Well I did a new game of Final Fantasy 7 a long time ago, and now I'm chasing HUGE materia, I'm at the save point inside the submarine, about to do the mini-game, one second from starting it, then the game crashes. Very similar to the Chocobo race crash. In fact I even have that patch installed and the game still crashes right before the submarine mini-game. Any suggestions on getting past this would be great, or even a English saved game right after the mini-game with one HUGE materia left (the one in space) would be great. Don't care about stats as I could fix them with the wall market tool thingy. Again I'm looking for a save game right after the submarine along with the other huge matieria gained, or a patch fixing the crashing. problem was fixed somehow.
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