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Mac OS X build cleanup/xcode port
« on: 2009-07-24 15:59:22 »
Informational post. I've done quite a bit of xcode before, but only for simple programs. I'm currently working on porting the "trunk" source into an XCode project, and getting to grips with Ogre. Once I've got that down and I can start building, I'll have a look at tweaking syntax till it builds properly on GCC4 (If it doesn't already - you guys are using MinGW, no?) and then see about abstracting hardware support. I don't know if you guys have ever done any Mac development, but it's the most simplified UNIX. I don't mean they've cut out features, quite the opposite. But there's CoreAudio.framework - an Audio subsystem, CoreMidi.framework, OpenGL.framework, IOKit.framework - it's much easier to implement for mac than for the 10 sound servers, 7 toolkits, three C libraries, and no standard Midi renderer - that you find under the other UNIX platforms - even OpenSolaris is starting to replicate functionality with the new OSS layer.

I'm not going to port the engine to Obj-C, it's a waste of my time and will diverge the system into two incompatible codebases - but I'll probably eventually implement a Cocoa "Preferences" application or prefpane, much like the original FF7 Configuration utility. I'll try to keep compatibility with Windows compilation, but since I only have the one workstation machine - it's more likely that my patches will be biased towards the functionality implemented in ReactOS than Windows Proper (Because I can run it in QEmu.)

I'd also quite like to grab a stable Ogre and actually integrate it into my build project, rather than adding it separately just before building, so that you can just grab the XCodeProj and hit "Build and go." But first I'd better get the thing actually starting, right? I'm afraid I don't know much about the playstation or playstation development, so I'll be leaving the content-ripper to other, better coders. *Points to the sky ahead theatrically* FOR GREAT JUSTICE, ALL YOUR BASE!