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Greetings from 2nDawn!

About us

2ndawn is devoted to bringing back the feeling of the classic RPG & restoring the old ways of game while giving a new style of games to the world. We started small with only a few people but we are a fast growing group of artist, next gen modelers, and writers. Using online wiki, ftp, and forums, we are able to get files, art, and information to each other in seconds, making our team very affective. Our homepage is up however it is still under construction so you will not find much there yet:

What our goal is and why we are doing this

2ndawn is a combination dreams from people around the world. Our goal is to bring you a new era of RPG games. During the last 20 years, we have enjoyed the greatest RPGs that history will ever have, but lately there has been an absence. That is where we come in, by starting from scratch we are working diligently to bring you a new style of games while keeping in mind what you loved about the classics.
Our goal and strength comes from disappointments from the released RPGs in the currently on the market. We are a team consisting of old school hardcore RPG fans from the times since SNES up until now, and there is no doubt that the feeling you got from playing those old school RPGs are gone.

What we expect from you
For all prospective team members devotion and initiative is a must, you must also enjoy the work you do whether you are programming, modeling or working on game art, if you are lacking this quality you will likely fall short. One must be able to communicate on a regular basis, whether by email or instant messaging service such as windows live messenger (preferred messaging service for this project). One must be able to meet their deadlines, if there is an issue there is flexibility and the necessary arrangements for the current assignment can be made, within an acceptable period.

The current team

Chris is both the mastermind behind the project and the founder of it.
This guy is the person to talk to whenever you have any questions related to the story and gameplay.
His storytelling and imagination for this project could be described with a single word: EPIC.

Our lead concept artist. This guy is a great example of how to devote your time and produce artwork at an incredible speed and quality. Usually people say quality over quantity, but this guy has both of them in his veins. He is also the brain behind the level layout concepts, working together with Chris hand to hand to achieve what is envisioned for the game.

Our senior 3D artist, capable of doing stunning artwork. This guy can handle anything you toss at him. Characters, sculpting, detailing, texturing, creating maps is just a glimpse of what this guy is capable of. Working together with Yasin to give life to the game in every aspect.

Our Technical Artist. The person holding everything technical together who acts like a bridge between artists and programmers with his knowledge in both areas. Not just capable of producing stunning artwork but also the man responsible of getting the artwork to qualify for the 3d engine we'll use. Could be best described as jack of all trades.

A concept artist doing all the characters for us, she works part-time with us and gets the job done with great results whenever we need a sketch.

We have a few other helpers but those could not be described as core member.

Current state

We have decided to use the Acknex 7 Engine based on d3d9 framework. The engine uses the lightweight language lite-c, very similar to c/c++. Unless we find a reason to switch, we are staying with this engine. Time and people who apply for this project can only tell :)

Currently we are in talks with Ubisoft, they have read our proposal and seemed to love it. They have moved us to the next step and requested a demo from us so that they could give us funding. However, nothing is final and there are of course expectations in terms of quality, which we no doubt will burn and fight for to achieve.

payment will come after the demo is submitted to UBISOFT

Application template

There is no application template, as long as you show us that you are serious and would like to be a part of our team. Name, what you qualify as (programmer, artist, composer, designer), about yourself and some past work should be enough. We want quality over quantity applications with good formatting; no one likes to read a wall of text that critical hits you for 100,000 damage.

Artists email your application to: [email protected]
Programmers email your application to: [email protected]
Designers/composers/leaderships email your application to: [email protected]

Have a nice day and cannot wait to read all your emails:

2nDawn out :)


Glimps of Fate artwork





Glimps of the backstory of the game


Glimps of the team portfolio:

Lone wolf project by Yasin