Author Topic: Adding/Changing Flevel.lgp without crashing game  (Read 4656 times)


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Adding/Changing Flevel.lgp without crashing game
« on: 2009-09-30 00:33:43 »
Heya, I've recently been jigging around with Meteor to try and add materia to certain parts of the game, for example I succeeded in adding one of my new materia, "Darkness", into zz4 ie. Lucrecia's tomb thingy place.

I saved the file then tried two things:

First, I attempted to create a new Flevel.lgp using LGP Tools and then replace my old Flevel.lgp with it. The file produced is almost twice the size as LGP Tools doesn't re-compress the data, and this seemed to lead to a crash after the initial "Eidos" intro movie.

Second, I tried to 'replace' zz4 in the existing Flevel.lgp with the new one. Once again, zz4 wasn't re-compressed and so once again the game crashed after the intro movie.

Can anyone lend a hand as to how to compress custom flevel/lgp data so it can be introduced into the game? Thanks ^^.


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Re: Adding/Changing Flevel.lgp without crashing game
« Reply #1 on: 2009-09-30 00:36:39 »
Use aali's lgp program. Works much better


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Re: Adding/Changing Flevel.lgp without crashing game
« Reply #2 on: 2009-09-30 00:38:29 »
Ok thanks - I think I worked out the issue aswell; LGP Tools has reorganized the levels wrongly so that zz4 is now at the bottom of the "Table" instead of in its former position >.<

Ok, I've worked at this like crazy and I have to say: Has anyone gotten a LGP repack of Flevel.lgp to work? If the LGP is uncompressed it simply doesn't work because the File Offsets are wrong; in fact even a compressed repack won't work if there's more data in a particular file, say by adding extra things, because it's file size will change and therefore so will the File Offset of the next file in line - in my case zz5 beyond.

I actually can't see how anyone has pulled this off?!
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