Author Topic: FF7 New Threat mod Current Patch Speed running  (Read 76 times)


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Midgar WR is 1:56:20:95 by UpRisen

Hello all! Making this post to have an official centralised location for all that is New Threat speedrunning until/if it gets accepted as a selected category on If there is anyone interested in helping us route out or wants to compete for the WR we would love to have you. As of now only LuckyStax and myself are openly routing/running this mod. Lucky has completed the entire run on the march patch but only running on the current patch will be accepted, and when any patch is added we will have to determine as a group if the old leader boards need to be cleared or if the versions are similar enough that the old times can stay.

Current patch is July 2018 found

I have only routed and practiced Midgar so that will be its own catergory compared to the full game, but we are working on the entire run, a change in the june/july patches have altered a few of the strats and routes so work has to be done before we can have a finalized route. We are expecting the current patch run to be between 10-12 hours.

For real time chat about the mod and to stay more in the loop you can join my personal discord at

Rules: Current 1.5 IRO and EXE must be obtained and used from the offical link
     No Slots, No Warps
     Use of texture, model, and sound replacer mods are allowed, but you may not remove any texture,model,or sound&
     Use of Movie, Animations, tweaks & cheats, Reunion/menu overhaul, minigame tweaks are NOT allowed
     Both Installer and 7th heaven versions are allowed
     Time starts upon confirming the window "Recommending you play on the WAIT ATB and ends after landing the killing blow on sephiroth
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