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Halkun's UltraSticky Post!!!
« on: 2010-06-06 07:24:30 »
It has come to pass that Obesebear needs for me to clean up the stickies. In his defense, they have gotten pretty unwieldy so What I'm going to do is create this here UltraSticky just to consolidate everything. Because it's going to be largely informational. It will also be locked. Pester me for updates if you have them

Here here it is...

Halkun's UltraSticky Post!!!

Here is everything you should need to get started in Game Tweaking...

1) Getting FF7 to run on new systems
Most of the FF7 PC patches for tweaking the game on the Wiki here: Wiki Page

2) Getting FF8 to run on new systems
This thread can now be found here

3) Covarr's New FF7Music Tutorial
This is popular, so the relevant thread is here

4) FF7 File Reconstruction Project
This is one of my projects. You can find the discussion here

5) Hosting for all mods/pictures
This needs to die as the info is very obsolete. I'll post here what is relevant from Dzin

This month last updates: Aali OpenGL driver 0.7.6b (2010/03/16)

I host some of the most critical work that has been made for Final Fantasy VIII on Megaupload, maybe you would like to have some kind of backup for these.
Files are all accessible in one Megaupload folder, follow the downloads link -> FF8 Folder
Contains only last versions.

Here are the links to the original threads from authors for Final Fantasy VIII.
   FF7/FF8-friendly OpenGL driver from Aali
   More complete FF8 configuration program from Ficedula
   FF8 IFRIT Enemy Editor: Allows file editing from battle.fs from gjoerulv
   FF8 DX6 hooker - enable high resolutions, FSAA and AF from magixts
   FF8 DX6 hooker - enable high resolutions, FSAA and AF - Source files from magixts
   FF8 Avatar mod from Makubex
   Official Eidos Patch for non-NVidia Graphic cards
   Official Eidos Patch for NVidia Graphic cards
   FF8 HP and damage cap remover (max 32767) for spanish/english 1.2 official patch only from Phun
SamuelSlight-FF8DLS1.39 - go here for Troubleshooting
   FF8 PSX-like Soundfonts from Samuel Slight

Here are some links to other mods still under developments for Final Fantasy VII.
FF7 Remastered OST from FinalFanTim last update: 2010-01-29
FFVII Remix Patcher compiled by titeguy3 last update: 2010-03-02
FF7/FF8-friendly OpenGL driver from Aali last update: 2010-03-16
gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod. v1.0 from gjoerulv last update: 2010-02-22
WIP/WMRP from pyrozen, sl1982, timu sumisu, Grimmy, community last update: 2010-01-18
APZ Cloud Project from apz freak last update: 2009-09-13
FF7Music Bundle compiled by Covarr from ficedula last update: 2010-02-17

Here are other links to working mods whose development is discontinued.
FFVII Phoenix Rejuvenation Project compiled by ice_cold513, from a strong community
YAMP (Yet Another MultiPatcher) from dziugo
FF7Music from ficedula

I host some of the oldest Final Fantasy VII mods, and the official patch on Megaupload;
follow the downloads link -> FF7 Folder

I searched thoroughly for FFVIII mods, but not for FFVII', I'm uploading some and searching for some more.
If an author asks for it, I can remove his link from this folder, but will keep hosting it anyway if I need it.
Send me an MP if you'd like your thread linked here.

PM Halkun if this needs to be updated


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Re: Halkun's UltraSticky Post!!!
« Reply #1 on: 2011-08-11 17:07:52 »
This needs updating!!  :x     In all seriousness, is there any reason to maintain a thread like this considering all releases (important or not) now have their own individual boards?