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Srry, Im really noob but I still dont understand what is Ultima Edition. Perhaps you can show me the image lloks like or you should explain better. srry no offense but I have lack of understanding. You see I have issues running FF7. I downloaded ff7 disk and I mounted an iso that is compatable with my driver. after I maximize  to intall and it works perfectly. after I restart then i login my window account, i went to ff7 configure and set to full secreen. I also successfully  did the ALI custom drive which It success. Then I tried to run ff7 and there were an error screen saying " Please insert FF7 Game Disk 1,2,3,4 and try again".  Im confused but did you mean that the Ultima Edition is actually  the one I just explained?

Ultima Edition = dirty pirate version = no help from us.

Hey guys, Super noob here.

Im a long time fan of ff7, I remember playing the demo on psx when I was a little guy.

Saw a lot of mod vids for the pc version on youtube, lead me to get a copy. (original edition)

I made iso backups pretty much right when I got it and sold off my copy (on a tight student budget), but reading a few things from this thread about the fmv playback from the hard drive leads me to believe that might've been a mistake?

Ive tried installing it and got the intial patch and aali's driver and what not, but got stuck on using an lgp tool and ended up deleting everything for a fresh start.

So my biggest question is this, If I want to install the game with my back up isos (with the intention of installing mods) what steps should i follow during installation, (do i need to install the movie player?) And also, should i use the bootlegger from this thread when i get to the point of modding?

Im running on windows vista and my graphics card and processor are up to par for the game. Sorry for the huge post, im just not that savvy when it comes to installing patches or mods. Anyways, thanks so much in advance for any help you guys can give!

scratch that. trying to work out bootlegger now.


Robo Jesus:
Many of the DL links provided in this thread (along with the thread for Aali's stuff) no longer work. I thought I should say something here about that.


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