Author Topic: Final Fantasy 8 PC Version Debug room  (Read 3367 times)


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Final Fantasy 8 PC Version Debug room
« on: 2010-06-01 14:20:48 »
Im new to these forums so im not 100% sure if this is in the correct place, if not, feel free to move it

(to the point)

I've had both PC and PS versions of both final fantasy 7 and 8 for a long while now, and i've only recently been interested in modding and tweaking the games. I've only just registered for this site with an account but over the past few weeks i've been in and out reading threads to save me the trouble of hunting through google for some things.

That being said i kno that FF8 is extremely difficult to mod (compared to FF7 at least, i say this cuz i dont wanna insult any pros)

But being that there was so soon a gameshark code for the PS version of FF8 to allow the player to access the games Debug Room(s)

i was wondering if there is any kind of mod/tweak or anything of the sort out there to activate the same reaction in the PC version of FF8.

I've read the many threads of how difficult it is to manipulate and reskin the characters of this game based on this gamed "skin & bones" system (which i recently realized ALL of the lower [waist to foot] ratios of the bodies are too long lol) but im sure (if no one else has already come up with this very simple idea) that if someone could access the debug room it may (or may not =p) make this an easier task

but for sure, based on my experience using the gameshark on the PS version i've played through the entire game in my garden uniform (the blue and silver/grey getup not the SeeD Formal uniform) and the ONLY way i was able to do this was by experimenting with the Debug room's force location thing.

What i mean is, while ur in the debug room, u can set the toons (sprites, characters, watever) to be in their garden uniforms, and then force the game to start from a specific point. For example: I had played the game regularly up to the point where i activated the Mobile Shelter system in the garden PRE-NORG, but i had already played and beat the game many times b4.

So from the Debug room, i activated the garden uniforms on all the balamb toons (excluding Quistis) and from then on i was able to play through the game regularly with that outfit on all the way up to the point when ur in space, but when i took off the space suit i was back in my default clothes =p i just had to save the game, reactivate the debug room, and locate the force location for that point (or near it [after coming out of the space suit]) of the game and return to the balamb garden uniforms and just continue playing from there.

HOWEVER, there was an issue when i activated the SeeD Formal, i guess because there is a lot less freedom in the game on the PS version than the PC version, every time i would enter combat with the SeeD uniform or enter certain areas wearing it the game would just freeze, which is what im sure the pro's dedicated to rawking this game in SeeD formal are working on.

but the main major question (after much rambling) is:

Is there a way to access the debug room for the PC version of FF8 so that i can utilize the same thing i did for the PS version? =]


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Re: Final Fantasy 8 PC Version Debug room
« Reply #1 on: 2010-06-01 17:21:37 »
It should be in the PC version. I'll do some research later tonight, after I get home from work.


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Re: Final Fantasy 8 PC Version Debug room
« Reply #2 on: 2012-03-09 18:12:25 »
I've been wondering this as well, having never touched the PC version.

I've been documenting the FF8 debug rooms (as they haven't been nearly as well documented as the FFVII ones) and I've been finding new stuff. The only thing I heard were anecdotes on people trying to access it and it not working, but has anyone here at Qhimm managed to access it?