Author Topic: [Request] [FF8-PSX] Re-balancing mod.  (Read 3788 times)


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[Request] [FF8-PSX] Re-balancing mod.
« on: 2019-09-20 17:08:48 »
Hi guys,

As the name implies, I was hoping somebody could teach me or perform the following mods that I was looking to do for the PSX version of the game.

Being highly disappointed with the "remaster", I believe the PSX version is still the best way to experience the full FF8 offerings. Using RetroArch with Beetle PSX, with 4x resolution, it makes up for being a close-to-20 year old game. With the feature to fast-forward by 3.0x(or higher) speed, no other version can beat it.  ;D

Anyways, here are the "re-balancing" that I was hoping to achieve to make the game a little bit more "interesting":
  • All magic junction effects are halved (to reduce being overpowering and "exploited")
  • Enemies do not drop any use-able items (i.e. Potion, Tent, etc.) and can only be acquired via buying from shops
  • Increase effect of useable item(s) (potions, etc.)
  • All items cost increased (probably twice)
  • All items selling price decreased (probably by half, these assures that your budget from Seed gets to be spent wisely)
  • Weapon requirements (amount per item) and cost increased
  • Remove Cast from Draw (should greatly improve battles)
  • Remove re-stockable/repeatable/unlimited items/magic tricks
  • Enemy/Boss level dependent on the 3 "active" party's average/mean level

  • Remove Draw limit of 9
  • Remove damage limit (but may need to increase enemy HP?)
  • All elemental/status ATK and DEF magic effects can only reach the maximum of 50%, the other 50% comes from the GF junctioned depending on the GF Level(can also include a factor from GF compatibility) (this should remove going over 100% and completely removing magic absorption and/or healing, and immunity to the least)
  • Correction to known enemy/magic/items necessary
  • Make GF compatibility more prominent on its effect(s)

Ofcourse, I still woulnd't know the full extent and effect of these until tried. As you can see, these should let you "try" and "do" more than normal and maybe targeted to those advanced players ;D

@gledson999 release really inspired me for the mod, and would also like to include changes from:
[PSX] Final Fantasy VIII Improvement Hack v0.1

But then again, these are just wishful thinking. And hoping to see these into light. I might increase/improve the list if I have still more in mind.  ;)

Thank you everyone!  ;D

Do you think that there's more to add on this list?

Please take it easy on me, these are coming from someone who doesn't know how to mod. Improving my Google-ninjutsu for these.


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Re: [Request] [FF8-PSX] Re-balancing mod.
« Reply #1 on: 2019-09-22 18:12:21 »
i dare say, this sounds allot like what i've already made for the steam version and am WIP porting to the "remaster" with fixes + other improvements... ps: join the discord for more info...