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Check out

There is a video of the remade NPCs working with ANIMATION!

Quote from: Mcindus the Modder @mcindus_mods Apr 30
Working on the LAST Background!

Angelwing: Ultima is almost here!
As soon as it's complete I'll be releasing to Patrons for bug testing and QA for a few weeks until public release!

Thank you so much everyone involved, and for all of your hard work

Yagami Light posted a link to an older, buggy version on the last page that works with the Remaster.

Mcindus and crew seem to be wrapping up finishing touches on the new, shiny Ultima version though. I wouldn't be surprised if a public release comes out next month.

These are simply stunning!

Glad there is finally a (relatively) easy way to replace the baked-in NPCs.

Kudos to the amazing work on this project and all those involved. The game looks wonderful! 

Just wanted to check in and say that, IMHO, all your work was definitely worth it. It is giving a lot of joy and nostalgia to people like me and countless others who you will never even hear from.  I'd say you've made the world a little bit better place and have built up a lot of credit for the Karma Gods!

Hello again!  Just checking in after a long while away.

@Mcindus, I watched some of your photoshop stream and was impressed and a little hypnotized. You were working on an elevator sign, some hallway stuff and a Class Room sign - also watched a bit inside the classroom and a few easter eggs on a whiteboard. The backgrounds are looking fantastic! Not only are you patching in different AI types into one image, but you guys are putting insane hours of custom-reworked art into this project. I'm incredibly impressed. This is SOOO much more than just an AI upscale!

Is there some type of progress indicator on where we are at on the Ultima backgrounds release for the remaster? From a comment you made on a stream, it sounds like we are getting really close!

I can't wait to start a new playthrough with all of this amazing work!

Wow, you've been insanely productive lately! Must be stuck at home due to the virus.  ;)

Thanks for all your work polishing up this awesome classic.

Releases / Re: [FF8-PC Steam 2013] FFVIII Crystal 1.0.2a
« on: 2020-03-18 18:18:57 »
This sounds quite fun. I like the story, but I'm not a big fan of "monsters level up with you" or "everyone can do everything" play-styles.

I'd like to play your mod. Is there a way to port it to remastered?

7th Heaven / Re: [FF7 PC] Mod Manager - 7th Heaven 2.0
« on: 2020-03-16 21:06:28 »
I am trying for two days to download this cmh175 HQ FMV Pack but every time I try to download it, it gets stuck on exactly the same time and speed as you can see on the screenshot. My internet is working perfectly and I download anything else W.O. any issues any idea? Or is there an alternate download for this specific mod i can use?

I'm not part of the project but I can give you some common sense stuff. Make sure you have the hard drive space available to finish the download AND copy/extract it. The end sizes of some of the mods are larger than size shown in the list. So make sure you have at least 15GB free to be safe.

And another question would be why is Cloud in this version not modeled to the newer graphics like on the previous 7th Heaven mod launcher?

There are a lot more options in the combined field model IRO than in the past. Make sure you check through each option. I think the cross-dressing Cloud is usually included in the general NPC mods? Not sure if it has its own section in the IRO. (I'm not at home to check.)

Troubleshooting / Re: PS4 Controller D-Pad not working
« on: 2020-03-13 21:30:10 »
I set up my d pad to act like the left stick in DS4Windows. You could also try Inputmapper.

Wow, that's a lot of background NPCs in that city! It's not worth remaking every one of those models and pasting them in. Getting an artist to touch up those screens by hand is probably the best bet. I wonder what they look like with the AI upscale.

For media and fields it's best to just download the mods directly from the creator's forum links for now. Having character models, etc together for easy selection makes sense to me, but not putting GB sized mods together into insane-sized packs. Especially putting ALL the movie and music packs together as one file seems excessive.

I can't image all of the wasted bandwidth so far...

Xathyr, that is exactly what this thread is about. Everything on the first page of this thread is progress on his FF8 Remaster mods. (That's what the "R" in the title means.) As of the last update he is still testing on Disk 2 for fields and battle backgrounds.

I'm sure he will release a complete-remaster-all-in-one-easy-install pack when he is done.

7th Heaven / Re: [FF7 PC] Mod Manager - 7th Heaven 2.0
« on: 2020-03-07 19:54:21 »
Thanks so much to the 7th Heaven team. Loving 2.0 so far! Everything is just easier to do and the auto-sort button is a great time saver.

General Discussion / Re: having issue with link insertion
« on: 2020-03-07 05:49:21 »
Code: [Select]
[img width=50 height=50][/img]

General Discussion / Re: having issue with link insertion
« on: 2020-03-06 21:39:50 »
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Here is the [URL=]Thread[/URL]
Gets you this:

Here is the Thread

Please upload a couple of screenshots. I want to drool.  :-o :roll:

Did you click SPOILERS: SHOW on the first post? There are a bunch in there. I'm all for more screenshots though!

EDIT: Ohhhh! We hit the 90% mark! :-D

That Yuffie reminds me of Rikku in her diving outfit with those goggles. Where is that from?

God, I hate that puffball with the cat on his head in any form. I'm curious to see what the remake does with him.

Do you plan to release your mod once all background masks are done or only when it's 100% complete (Including videos and place names)?

I think he already answered this, when asked  "Any progress on the fmv's, the interpolation?":

Yes, but I think that can be released afterwards, I need to focus on the important stuff first. Also, the programs and techniques continue to evolve for videos, so I'll do that last.

It's hard to wait. I check in too often. :D But quality takes time. Especially when he's doing it for free in his free time.

That's not a bad way to play. For FF7-FF9 I prefer updated 3D models with AI backgrounds, but for sprite based games I sometimes like playing with filters that give them an anime/painterly look.

General Discussion / Re: The future of Final Fantasy?
« on: 2020-02-10 19:27:41 »
Honestly, they still make good money off of new FF games. I'm sure they have 16 in development right now. The remakes are all outsourced anyway, not worked on by the main team. I just hope they aren't planning on making another MMO.

EDIT: Well... except I forgot 7 Remake is being worked on by the main team. Doesn't mean they don't have another team working on 16 though.

Very nice! Looks much crisper than the original.

I like the new look overall, but some of the shiny and metal things look a bit too corroded/grimy for my taste.

I appreciate the work you're putting into it! I'll probably get around to playing this game again some day.

WIP / Re: [FF8 PC]Fields database
« on: 2020-01-22 15:22:04 »
You should make a Google shared spreadsheet and post a link to it.

WIP / Re: FF8: Concept of a new magic system
« on: 2020-01-17 22:14:32 »
Sounds pretty good.
One thing I've been thinking about doing with regards to magic in FF8 is to limit the amount you can draw from enemies to say 50, draw points to 75 and then swap the decrementing counter on usage so that you'll get one more of each spell each time you use it, thus making it so that they in fact get stronger the more you use them and you have to actually use them to max out their potential.

Ohh! I like that idea!

Or something like limit draws to 1 but increase +3 or +4 with each use. Is 33 casts or 25 casts fairer for mastery of each spell? I think this would work better by removing swapping magic between characters though, so each character has to work on their OWN magic. I've always hated drawing over and over. Actually USING magic to increase power seems more fun. I guess you'd even have to use magic to increase str/hp due to the magic junctioning system. ;)

WIP / Re: [CC:FF7 PSP] Crisis Core UI Upscale Project
« on: 2020-01-17 21:47:31 »
Those do look nice... but does your mama know you are drawing nipples? :evil:

Yeah DLPB, I'm disappointed they are splitting the game up into multiple episodes. We'll see how much useless filler we end up with. I hope they don't waste time making extra DLC for each episode to milk it.

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