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WIP / [FF8-R] Xhris's - Triple Triad: Remastered -
« on: 2020-01-21 00:38:46 »
Xhris's - Triple Triad: Remastered -

I took all the remastered models and textures that were made for FF8 'Remastered' and positioned them in a similar position and pose to the original Triple Triad Cards, a lot of the models obviously weren't remastered but for those i used the original models with remastered textures.

my goal with this texture mod is to capture the essence of the original PS1 textures and adding various improvements all while staying faithful to the original.

    • Monster Cards (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5) - DONE!
    • Boss Cards (Level 6, 7) - DONE!
    • GF Cards (Level 8, 9) - 20% *help needed, see below
    • Character Cards (Level 10) - DONE!
    • New/Improved Card Frames - 80% almost done
    • Triple Triad UI (Card Mat, Card Select Background, Card Numbers, etc) - 70% almost done


    Tripod: Remastered 1.1 by Mcindus

    Triple Triad Remaster by casquall (WIP)


    I need help with the remastered GF Models, i've been using Noesis and i can't open the GF models, i heard that it's something to do with the hex code or whatever. but i can't seem to find a work around and these are the only models left that i need to finish this mod :( it would be greatly appreciated if someone could send me them in a format i can open with noesis or if someone could help me open the ones i extracted myself from the game, thanks!

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