Author Topic: Mod/Help Request - FFVII Improved Joypad support, faster boot flow  (Read 6477 times)


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Hi guys,

I tried streaming FFVII to my Nvidia Shield TV last night and was super frustrated by the games poor controller integration.

Does anyone know if there is are mods or files I can edit to do the following (on the Steam version):

Remove or auto skip the game launcher (can emulate a mouse and KB on Shield TV so this is more an annoyance than something preventing me from playing).

Disable start up videos

Remove or auto skip keyboard controls screen (again can emulate a mouse and KB on Shield TV so this is more an annoyance than something preventing me from playing).

Force the game to use joypad input. This might seem an odd one but for some reason when I get into game when streaming it doesnt seem to recognise the pad.

Implement Xbox buttons (i'm aware Reunion has or is going to have support for PS buttons which can be replaces but cant see anything to say if thats been implemented or is still WIP)

Thanks in advance for any comments :)
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Did you ever manage to get it to work with and xbox controller?


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The way I got it to work:

Start the Steam Big Picture mode
Enter Settings (gear wheel)
Enter controller settings
Enable XBox configuration assistent (you can enable and disable this only in Big Picture mode)
Then you can leave Big Picture mode

Now you can right click FF7 in your Steam library
Choose Manage --> controller settings
Now you can change your controller buttons for this game to anything you want (they are only active for this game)
The easiest way for FF7 is to just map your controller to the keyboard buttons (in the controller settings interface you can even download preconfigured community button placements for this game)

PS: This way you can remap your controller for any Steam game (e.g. if the game does not support button remapping) and even directly remap your Nintendo Pro Controller or PS4 controller to Xbox without any driver as Steam supports them natively. I don't know why they hide this great feature that much.

PPS: I think you could even map a stick to the mouse and a button to the left mouse button to click the launcher. Although I'm not shure if the remap only works when you enter the main game.
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This tutorial helped me with 7th heaven. (Steam not usable for controller setup)