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hey i got a question. will the songs be updated alot? because i downloaded all of the disks. will there be any changes?

FF7Voice / Re: Darth Vader or Dark Helmet?
« on: 2009-09-24 03:34:07 »
Oh ok lol. and btw, how long the project will it take to complete? And when will you come out with another demo?

FF7Voice / Re: Darth Vader or Dark Helmet?
« on: 2009-09-23 21:22:14 »
lol I was just joking first of all. I know his voice actor is changed, because a lot of people said his voice sucks. lol But still, don't you think he sound like Darth Vader? It's just funny that he sounds like him.

General Discussion / Darth Vader or Dark Helmet?
« on: 2009-09-23 18:47:01 »

I watched the FF7 Demo #1 on YouTube and I heard Barret's voice. Who was voicing Barret? Darth Vader or Dark Helmet? You decide! XD


FF7Voice / Darth Vader or Dark Helmet?
« on: 2009-09-23 18:40:55 »

I watched the FF7 Demo #1 on YouTube and I heard Barret's voice. Who was voicing Barret? Darth Vader or Dark Helmet? If that's really either one of them, his voice was super special awesome! I didn't know Darth Vader was a real person in real life. I thought he was just a fictional character on Star Wars. Did he really land his ship on Earth just to do a voice of Barret in your project? That was very nice of him! :-D Go Darth Vader!

i have both (in_mp3.dll and in_psf.dll) in the same folder (C:\Program Files\Final Fantasy VII\ficedula) and it still wont play both of the files. What did I do wrong?

Yall must have misunderstood the quesion I was asking.

The in_mp3.dll plugin i have was already working. When I change the input plugin to in.mp3.dll file, it won't play psf files but only MP3 files. When change the input plugin again to in_psf.dll file, it will play the psf files but not the mp3 files. Is there a way to use both PSF and MP3 files on FF7Music?

For example, i click on the file tab on ff7music and change 2 songs to mp3 (the rest of them just psf files):
cintro- Those Chosen By The Planet short.mp3
tb- FFVII Main Theme short.mp3

I want to be able to play those mp3 files with the other psf files.

Archive / Need Help Playing PSF and MP3 files on FF7Music
« on: 2009-04-10 05:01:53 »
Hey everyone. I have all the psf music working in ff7music already...But I also want to use MP3 files with those PSF file so I can have both of those music file playing on FF7. I was trying to add the MP3 files of cintro (Those Chosen By The Planet Shinra Mansion Version) and tb (FFVII Main Theme Short Version) to FF7Music, but the MP3 files wont play. The PSF files was playing when I was walking from the world map to nibelheim. When I get to Shinra Mansion, it wont play that MP3 file (Those Chosen By The Planet Shinra Mansion Version).

Is there a way to play PSF and MP3 files simultaneously?

Is there a way to use both in_mp3.dll and in_psf.dll files so I can play both MP3 and PSF files?

But it's only two videos that have dialogue in it: The Sephiroth Scene when he sees his "mother" Jenova, and the ending. The files of the videos shouldn't be THAT big to upload to redistribute the videos.

Ya really think so? I think it may or may not work too even though I never tried that idea. It was just my guess because I want to try to make the FF7 Voice-Over Project easier. I'm glad to hear your opinion about this idea. I wonder what FF7Voice team or others will think about this idea too.

Hey, I don't know if you all tried that already but I got an idea. Instead of trying to encode the voices to be played on a movie clip file when a character have a dialogue on (ex. when Sephiroth have a dialogue "But they... Those worthless creatures are stealing the planet from Mother" during Cloud's flashback), you should all just import the movie clip file that has a script inside of the movie (ex. jenova_e.avi) using Windows Movie Maker (or other video editing programs) and then add the .wav files of voice(s) inside of the movie clip. Scoot the .wav files over until it fits the character's lip-sync. After you do that, you should export the project into .avi file since the ff7 movie clips are played in .avi files while playing ff7. Then you name the new movie clip file the same name of the movie clip you imported in the Windows Movie Maker project (ex. if you imported "jenova_e.avi" into the Windows Movie Maker project, name it "jenova_e.avi" also. Make sure the movie file you exported is in the same quality as the movie clip file you imported into the Windows Movie Maker project). After you get your new movie file you exported from Windows Movie Maker, "open the C:\Program Files\Final Fantasy VII\movies" folder and make sure you backup the old movie file in a safe place and then replace the old movie clip file with the new one you created. After that, play FF7 and when it plays a movie clip on an FMV, it should play the new .avi movie clip you replace the old one with in the "movies" folder with voices in the new FMV movie clip you exported.

I never tried to do that it just my guess. I could be right or i could be wrong. But I think it's a good try. If anybody try that idea, can you let me know the results? Can you let me know if it works or not? Thank you!

FF7Voice / Re: I been wondering...
« on: 2008-08-12 01:45:01 »
But I can't speak Japanese. But still, can I audition?

FF7Voice / Re: I been wondering...
« on: 2008-08-11 22:02:58 »
Oh. If it meant for speaking Japanese, then I can't audition for it cause I don't know any Japanese language. If you want to find somebody who is willing to audition for Godo and know how to speak Japanese, you should go on YouTube and post a video regarding the audition for Godo with details so it can help you find the voice actor for Godo. I know you can find someone who know how to speak Japanese with a deep voice on YouTube. I ain't saying I won't do it. I will do it if I know Japanese language but I just don't. Sorry...

FF7Voice / Re: Discussion of FF7Voice
« on: 2008-08-11 21:14:57 »
OK. Thank you!

Hey I think I can audition for Godo if you read my reply under the "I been wondering..." topic.

FF7Voice / Re: I been wondering...
« on: 2008-08-11 19:49:12 »
Thank you for answering my question. But I got another question to ask you all. I know Godo is opened for audition, but why do you need Godo to speak Japanese also if FF7 you all dubbing voices on is in English?

Cause I think I can voice him. I think I can audition for him.

FF7Voice / Re: Discussion of FF7Voice
« on: 2008-08-09 02:19:40 »
Oh, man. I can't find the videos...

FF7Voice / Re: I been wondering...
« on: 2008-08-09 01:39:22 »
I thought you all found a voice actor for Sephiroth who sounds close to George Newbern?

FF7Voice / I been wondering...
« on: 2008-08-08 22:11:29 »
I know a lot of you are working on the FF7 Voice-Over project and you all have found a lot of voice cast. I was wondering what are the names of the voice-actors who will voice the characters on the project? If you can tell me, can you give me a list of voice-actors' names (or their usernames if they have one) along with their characters they will be voicing? Thank you!

ok. i thought you can use both of the patches in the game. i thought i saw somebody using both of them patches when i was watching the video on youtube. (sorry for my errors. it should be char.lgp instead of battle.lgp. i was typing the message too fast but i have edited the messages and the topic to change from battle.lgp to char.lgp.)

i have downloaded a reunion patch and the npc reconstruction project patch. after that, i downloaded lgptools program to extract all of the files from the old char.lgp file to the char folder. after i did that, i have open both reunion patch and the npc reconstruction project patch and extracted both of the files sucessfully in the char folder. when i tried to save it as the new char.lgp file, the lgptools program just freezes and it wont save the new char.lgp file that i was trying to create for the ff7 game. i want to change the playable and non-playable characters model so bad and i have been searching for hours trying to find out the problem, but i still didnt! what is going on? is it my computer (i have windows 98se computer), or is it the program?

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