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[1] [FF8PC-2000/Steam] FFNx FF8Music (original files from PS1) (1.5)

[2] [FF8PC-2000/Steam] Small Metal/Rock Audio Add-on for Roses and Wine

[3] [FF8PC-2000/Steam] Audio Remake Add-on for Roses and Wine (Updated)

[4] FF8 - The Landing [reimagined/remastered] release (with .ogg file)

[5] [FF8PC-2000/Steam]Shuffle or Boogie Pack

[6] [FF8] Man With the Machine Gun (remix) OGG help

[7] [FF8PC-2000/Steam]Don't Be Afraid (Rock Version)

[8] [FF8] Battle Music - "Don't Be Afraid" (Cover Demo)

[9] [FF8PC-2000/Steam] Mod music with Devil May Cry Battle (V1.1)


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