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Lunar: Silver Star Story (PC Version)


Hi. The reason I create this topic here is there are many skilled coders here, and I'm sure there is a bunch of fans of this great JRPG among them.

So, I have came across a japanese PC-version of Lunar recently, and was very interested in it. It is pretty much playable on modern PC's, and I was very surprised that such a big fandom gave so little attention to it. It is still quite hard to find it on the internet (I have found only a japanese version, but there is also a later korean localisation, which may cantain some fixes). The PC version has slightly better graphics than PSX version, and definately much more opportunities in modding than any other version (just like in case of FFVII). However it looks like no one have ever done anything to resources of this game. No fix-patches, no english translation, no mods, etc.

Eventually I have decided to delve into the resources of the game, and of cource run into a problem. Since there is no modding community, no tutorials, no tools, I just have no idea how to unpack the resources. There is only one file that looks like a pack of game data called lunadata.fil. I have opened it with WinHex and, as far as I understand, it contains a lot of interesting stuff like maps and text dialogs, but, as I already said, I have no idea how to unpack it. Perhaps someone can give me a clue?

NERV Agent:
Since there are similarities with hacking games that have been ported back and forth from PC and PSX (the Tomb Raider games from my experience, and FF7 from what I've been told), what works for the PSX version of "Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete" might also work on the PC version.

There are some guys at that have done work on the PSX version of Lunar 1.

Maybe if you reach out to them they might share something they know with you.

Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for :)

any new info about pc version? i want to play it in english, it would be so cool!


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