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"Do yoU GuYs DoN't HaVe PhOnEs".

Diablo 3 was the mortal wound, and Diablo immortal was the death knell of the Franchise. Just look at the games media to see the level of shilling for chinese re-skins and micro-transactions to realize how bad the game industry has become. We will never return the 90s and early 2000's when the West and East were producing amazing games nearly every month. It's a trend with these types, a community builds something beautiful and the people who can't replicate it, who are jealous of its success or beauty come in and shit it up so that everything is equally horrible, and mediocre. They bring everything down to the lowest common denominator and then proclaim victory when they've burned everything down.

I assume the reason they outsourced this game is because their own guys are working on Diablo 4 internally.

The intersection of art and capitalism.


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