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I now own a Net Yaroze!


Very pleased with this - I have wanted one since, like, forever

I'm also fortunate enough to receive the original SDKs and Sony Yaroze documentation. This attempts to explain 3D PSX development to an audience of non-gamedev C programmers, with a bunch of info about PSX internals.

It doesn't have the serial cable, alas. I believe I can re-make one by taking a normal PSX serial cable and adding an FTDI bridge to invert the CTS, RTS, DSR and DTR lines. And to use a 3.3 voltage and not default RS232 12v power. However, I don't intend to do any actual development on the machine - I can use an emulator to do that with much more convenience.

I'm just pleased to own a bit of PlayStation history!

Much history, dude! How’d you score that? You going to make some PSX home brews now? ;)

Managed to find it on eBay on the cheap! A local seller as well.

I'd love to have a go at some homebrew, but I think the best way to do that is with an emulator. If I wanted to work on the Yaroze I'd need to jury rig a special serial cable. Also the Yaroze only has 2mb memory, not the 8mb of a dev console, so you can't compile with debug symbols 🙂

However, there is the small matter of me not really knowing C. Well, not well enough to know what I'm doing, anyway. But perhaps this could be a good hobby project for getting my head around C?


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