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So you want to run Q-Gears. *READ THIS SECOND*


So Cyberman, who is a "lieutenant" of mine (For lack of a better word), brought this to my attention. It's good enough to warrent a sticky. I give the floor to him...

"So you want to run Q-Gears"

Please read the following before asking ANY questions about running Q-Gears

1) Run at your own risk
We are not responsible in any way shape or form  for the suitability or functionality of this software.  We have no responsiblity for any it may do to your system, break, cause malfunctions or weather it will work or not. Run this at your own risk, we have nothing to do with it not working. Period.

2) The engine is pre alpha
Do not pester the developers with questions about the engine unless you have officially joined the project, then be sure you know what you are doing.  Follow this mantra measure twice cut once, that is check things out at least 2 times before you start doing something like asking a question.

3) Again the engine is pre alpha
Do not complain about something not working unless you have joined the group of developers.  This means you have decided to invest time and effort into the project, not just whine about how bad it is or isn't working.

4) This is a multi year project
Don't ask when the first release will be. There is the possibility it may never come.

5) Suggestions are welcome
However try to think before you do so, take the time to study what's being done and the current stage of the project. Do not just spew out your fantasies.  Doing the later is a good way to irritate people who may be already irritated.

6) This is a public forum, be civil and considerate.
Jumping into an existing thread may seem perfectly innocent to you but, it may be something developers are hashing through.  Think before posting something to a thread.  Developers have to do this, so you should be considerate and be quiet if you are asking about something unrelated, or off base. 
Again think carefully before posting something to an existing thread.  It's the mature thing to do.  Be thankful you have the oportunity to read what is on the developers mind, because you may not have that oportunity if you post things that are disruptive and irrelevant without regard to what is being discused.

7) People are pretty open minded, however don't be rude don't be demanding.
This is not a simple easy project that involves pencils erases and drawing paper. It's a very difficult and intensive project.  People working in it have years of experience, and some are pretty touchy about subjects such as modifying the existing data etc.  Think before you ask what may be an obvious question but is answered else where. This is ONLY for Q-gears developement, and it's for your engrandisement not for you too ask for the moon when the rocket isn't even beyond the planning stage.

Ahh well I think you get the idea.  Too many questions and too many suggestions it's kind of becoming chaotic because it disaudes the focus of the group which is to work on various aspects of the core engine.  Sure adding stuff is great, I want to myself, but until it works, it's just noise.  One has to focus to get the first thing done. :D

To obtain a nightly build look here:


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